Sweet & Savoury Treats to Enjoy with Champagne

5th October 2016


Food company Caprera, who sell high-quality products from independent producers, have given us their top picks for pairing with Champagne.

On the savoury side, CNWC Crackers Halen Môn Sea Salt Crackers offer a classic, non-invasive taste, ensuring that the taste of the Champagne is not compromised.  Featuring a satisfying crunch and sea salt from Anglesey, they work well on their own or as canapes with cheese or paté.

Mrs Crump’s Beetroot and Horseradish Chutney not only pairs excellently with Champagne by itself, but with smoked fish and venison, which are also great with Champagne.  This food producer, from the East Midlands, has a whole range of chutneys designed to pair with various foods, taking the guesswork out of assembling meals.

Charcuterie works well with Champagne because it lends itself well to entertaining and because of its fat and salt content. Marsh Pig Fennel Salami in particular pairs supremely well with Champagne due to its aniseedy fennel flavour.  You can also satisfy some of your guests’ dietary requirements, as it’s gluten, wheat and lactose free.

On the sweet side, almonds and Champagne get along famously.  Try Tudor’s Luxury Pralines Roased Caramelised Almonds for something extra special, whether as a snack, nibbles at a party, or sprinkled over a dessert.

While dark chocolate is a difficult pairing, Demi-Sec and Doux Champagnes go well with milk chocolate.  Coco Chocolatier Lavender Milk Bar adds another great pairing into the mix with lavender. This chocolatier’s products are designed to be savoured, so make for the ultimate indulgent treat when enjoyed with Champagne.


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