Taittinger Travels the World Bringing Smiles into Depths of Africa

5th September 2016


The tempting allure of Champagne reaches fans in even the deepest of landlocked Africa.  I was recently in Kigali, Rwanda, on a business trip and was excited to discover the strong presence of Taittinger Champagne at the hip Pili Pili Club, bar, bistro and restaurant. The restaurant’s name resonates as effectively as the fashionable crowd of daily revellers unwind in this highly rated trendy venue perched on a hilltop, taking in a special night-time panorama of twinkling lights and balmy warm breezes that provide cooling comfort. This is a multi-space venue boasting several entertainment options: a covered upper deck for private functions, pool-perimetered open air lounging areas, covered bars, sporting arenas and smoking lounges all harmoniously fuse in this languorous hip and vibey space. Cool piped lounge music reverberates throughout, creating an effortless sense of harmonious relaxation.  The city night-scape is unrivalled in Kigali and the pristine backlit pool dotted with Taittinger neon towers adds to the drama.

The marketing of Grandes Marques Champagnes requires an ongoing budget and careful tailoring from country to country. A Champagne House can gain quick traction if partnered with a dedicated importer who is able to ensure on-sale distribution by identifying on point and happening venues that attract the right customer mix on a continuous basis. Pili Pili fits the bill as it is well received by the ex-pat working community and enjoys local support daily.

Taittinger has achieved with aplomb, at this venue, the key marketing objective of being seen and immediately registered in the minds of the potential consumers with special sizeable and tasteful Taittinger branded display material. Although Moët and Chandon is also stocked as a standard offering, I have no doubt that the sales of Taittinger Champagne are higher.

The stock carry is biased towards Taittinger Nocturne almost as a salute from the star-spangled Royal purple robe of the elaborate Taittinger bottles towards the natural nocturnal stars that dot the Kigali sky. Taittinger Nocturne is a Sec Champagne composed of the three traditional grapes: Chardonnay (40%), Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (60%) and is richly enhanced with a dosage just under 20g/l of sugar following four years of cellar maturation before disgorgement. Taittinger has recommended that this Champagne style is perfect to enjoy ‘late in the evening’ – most aptly chosen by Pili Pili, I would say and making it a pleasure for me to be tabling this report as a Dame Chevalier for the Ordre Des Coteaux De Champagne based in the continent of Africa.

Glass of Bubbly

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