Taskmaster – Sparkling Wine Tasks

28th June 2022


The popular British TV show, Taskmaster, hosted by Greg Davis And Alex Horne, sets 5 Comedians against each other, competing to complete crazy and mind-boggling tasks in the fastest and sometimes most stylish and creative ways possible.

You get as much fun out of the tasks as you’re willing to put in, being creative, thinking outside the box and really paying attention to the words used to detail the task can really benefit you over your competition.

Over the current 12 seasons of the show, comedians have attempted to complete hundreds of tasks, including making a coconut into a businessman, destroying a cake in a beautiful way, hiding a whole pineapple on themselves, making the best snowman on a non-snowy day and hundreds more.

The points system of the game works with the winner getting 5 points, second place gets 4 points, and so on. So let’s get into it, in this article I’ve set out 5 Sparkling Wine Tasks that you can play at home.


We’ll start with one original task from the show, ‘Create the Tastiest and Prettiest Cocktail with the Coolest Name as quietly as possible’, if any contestant made noise over 60dB they have to throw their current Cocktail into a Bucket, shout a specific phrase over 100dB and start again.

What You’ll Need

  • Unless you own a Digital Sound Level Meter, then you can download a Sound Level app on your phone for free to make this challenge possible.
  • You’ll also need any of the following to make a Cocktail, Sparkling Wine, Spirits, Juices, Spices, Herbs and of course, a glass.


Pouring Ace of Spades Champagne in to a glass

Pop open a bottle of bubbly and get ready to pour. ‘Your Task is to ‘Pour as much Sparkling Wine into a Glass from the Furthest Distance’, fullest glass wins, a bonus point for most creative.

What You’ll Need

  • A bottle of Sparkling Wine and glasses.


Hope you have steady hands for Task 3 ‘Fill a Coupe Glass all the way to the top, blindfold yourself and make it across an obstacle course’ the quickest and fullest Glass wins.

The Coupe Glass may look cool in Leonardo DiCaprio’s hand in the film ‘The Great Gatsby’, but they’re not the best glasses for keeping the liquid inside, you can create an obstacle course outside with cones, ropes and chairs, or blindfold yourself inside and try and get from downstairs to upstairs, just don’t spill any!

What You’ll Need

  • A Coupe Glass and some Bubbly to fill it.


This Task requires the use of your nose and mouth, ‘Correctly Identify what Sparkling Wine you are drinking’.

As the Taskmaster, either cover the bottle up or remove all branding from the bottle, place a full glass in front of each bottle and have the contestant try and guess if it’s Champagne or Prosecco, or depending on how knowledgeable your contestants are with Sparkling Wine, you could pick 3 Proseccos and ask them to identify the DOC, DOCG and Cartizze.

What You’ll Need

  • Multiple bottles of Sparkling Wine of your choice.


Correct way to open Champagne bottleIts the final Task of the Article, so let’s go out with a pop, time for a team challenge, as the Taskmaster, split the contestants in half, don’t worry if it’s not an even split, they do a team of 2 and a team of 3 on the show.

Your Task is simple, ‘As a team, find a way to pop the cork without touching the bottle or cork’. The Taskmaster will remove the foil and metal cage, leaving only the Cork and Bottle, the fastest team to pop the Cork wins, with a Bonus Point to the most sophisticated.

This can also be done as a Solo Task.

What You’ll Need

  • A bottle of Sparkling Wine.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this article and some of the ideas in it, have some fun competing with your friends over these very silly Tasks, and until next time “Enjoy The Fizz”


Image Credit: ClockCircleTMBottleGlass

Oliver Walkey

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