Taste some fine Italian wines in stylish surroundings at The Wine House Hotel 1821

13th October 2017


A recent press launch party took place showcasing the latest addition to the brand Zonin1821 and giving Edinburgh its very own ‘wine library’ in a classy drinking location where fine wines can be enjoyed in a relaxed yet educational setting.

Another new wine bar may not be the most attention grabbing headline, but here Zonin1821 has installed their focus on wines and lifestyle with their new venture of Wine House Hotel 1821 in collaboration with Scottish restaurateur Sep Marini. Are you allowed to drink at your local library, I’m sure it is a no, but here with Zonin1821 you can sit down with a glass of wine in your hand and browse the library of wine and lifestyle books for guests to enjoy. It’s a perfect venue to explore the world of Zonin1821.” Christopher Walkey

Vice President of Zonin1821, Michele Zonin, attended the press party and was available for interview where I was happy to grab him to give our viewers a quick tour of The Wine House Hotel 1821:

The venue also boasts four individually designed guestrooms within the character Georgian townhouse where there is also a coolly designed cocktail bar on the lower level. This is one super venue for any gastronomy and wine lover looking to stay in this impressive capital city. Edinburgh has a very trendy new wine, dine, cocktails and rest venue!

The Wine House Hotel 1821 Cocktail Bar

The Zonin family now own nine main Italian wine estates across Italy and internationally (USA & Chile) with a very proud award winning range of wines from fine fizz to elegant reds. The Zonin brand is always very focused not only in sharing news about their wines, they also place heavy focus on promoting fine foods to compliment them as well as being proud of the regions where their wines grow. Having already been on one of the press tours I can say first hand that Zonin is not only about the wine, it is a fine food and lifestyle brand that is making positive waves both in the industry and out to consumers.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.