Glass of Bubbly
Summit & MasterClasses


Throughout the day at the Glass of Bubbly Show there will be our annual Sustainability in Sparkling Wine Summit with a panel of guest speakers from within the industry - Masterclasses will also be taking place prior to and after the summit.

Sheraton Grand Hotel - Mayfair - London. April 30th 2024

If you would like to attend to watch the live 2024 Sustainability in Sparkling Wine Summit either please email as free tickets are very limited.

Sustainability in the world of Sparkling Wine is of increasing concern and importance not only to the wine bodies and authorities globally, but also as an option for consumers. Prosecco DOC has sustainability at the forefront of their focus both maintaining the highest of possible standards to protect what nature offers wine growers today, but also securing the art of wine making for the future.

We are pleased to be joined by Prosecco DOC as presenters of the 2024 Sustainability in Sparkling Wine Summit. Guests on the day will also be able to enjoy a selection of Prosecco DOC wines both in the main tasting hall and during two dedicated masterclasses.


Masterclass & Summit Timetable:

11am – 11:40am

Christopher Burr MW chairs
Tasting and exchange with special guest Dr. Enno Lippold ASEV

Dr. Enno Lippold ASEV presents
Tasting and exchange with special guest to be announced shortly

12pm – 12:40pm Neil Phillips presents A tour around Prosecco DOC featuring the six producers at the Glass of Bubbly Tasting.
1pm – 2:40pm (SUMMIT) Presented by Prosecco DOC
3pm – 3:40pm Neil Phillips presents Discover a selection of styles from Prosecco DOC.
4pm – 4:40pm Jamie Goode presents D.O Cava


Summit Guest Speakers:

Presented by Prosecco DOC and their UK Brand Ambassador Neil Phillips with invited guest speakers to include:

Andrea Battistella - Prosecco DOC Consortium

Hal Wilson MD - Cambridge Wine Merchants

Wine producers in Europe are ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability, as many thousands of small producers want their vineyards to be viable for future generations. As a small business owner I actively seek to work with producers who put sustainability as a priority in all aspects of their business. Consumer demand still lags behind initiatives on the supply side, so more communication is required. SME wine retailers are well positioned to help in the transfer to more demand-led sustainability, working with the best producers and informing wine drinkers about their work.” Hal

Dr Peter Stanbury - Sustainable Wine Roundtable

"A glass of bubbly is always a thing of pleasure – to celebrate and enjoy life. Sustainability is central to this. We want to know that the fizz we are enjoying has been produced in ways that do not damage the environment or people. Sustainability is about collaboration – finding shared ways to address challenges such as climate change. Glass of Bubbly provides a great vehicle for this.” Peter

Shane Holland - Slow food UK

"With consumers and trade alike putting sustainability at the fore when thinking about food, Glass of Bubbly is bringing that message to Sparkling Wine. Glass of Bubbly is at the forefront of thinking about how the environment will shape wine production in the future, and the desires of consumers on business to act now. The summit is unmissable for anyone who works within Sparkling Wine - producer or retailer alike." Shane

Luma Monteiro - Marketing Manager at Davy’s, founder @wineriaofficial

"In today’s world, prioritising sustainability in sparkling wine production is crucial. It’s our responsibility in the industry to advocate for it. By implementing environmentally-friendly initiatives throughout the production chain, we ensure a better future for generations to come. I am excited about the Summit and invite producers and traders to attend to see this wonderful panel of discussion." Luma

Ellen Manning - Freelance Journalist

Consumers are more conscious than ever about sustainability and it’s having a huge impact on the choices they make when it comes to food and drink. Sustainability around wine is something that a growing number of people are undoubtedly having an interest in. They want to understand it, to get to know the businesses operating sustainably and ultimately how they can make choices that will ensure what they’re drinking is not just great quality, but sustainably produced too. This summit is great for addressing those questions and ensuring that we’re all on the same page when it comes to discussing sustainability in sparkling wine - and spreading the word about what this sector’s doing in this arena." Ellen


Andrea Battistella – Prosecco DOC Consortium

Shane Holland

Shane Holland – Slow food UK

Dr Peter Stanbury – Sustainable Wine Roundtable

Hal Wilson MD- Cambridge Wine Merchants

Luma Monteiro – Marketing Manager at Davy’s, founder @wineriaofficial

Ellen Manning – Freelance Journalist and Food Writer

neil phillips

Presenter Neil Phillips