Tayport Cocktail

6th November 2023

Tayport Cocktails

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fizz Cocktails, uniting some of the world’s best spirits and some of the finest sparkling wines together in a glass.

Inspired by the picture-perfect colour of the autumn leaves, we’re working with one of the highest rated Vodkas from Tayport and an award winning Sweet Prosecco from Bortolomiol.

Tayport Distillery – The Vodka

Tayport Distillery is a family owned distillery established to create premium spirits using local produce from the farms in their local surroundings.

Founded by Kecia McDougall and is now run with help from the rest of her family. Kecia completed various practical courses and certifications to learn all about the processes. Mary, Kecia’s daughter, previously studied as a singer before joining in 2018 to help grow the business, self-teaching herself about sales and marketing. Alasdair, Kecia’s son, has always taken an interest in flavour and science, after leaving university, he fell into the role of Production Manager where he could create to his heart’s content. Lastly, Kecia’s husband, Duncan joined as chief taster but it was quickly realised with his 35 years + of experience in business he had a few other skills he could bring to the table.

Making great spirits was a hobby that was to become something much bigger. 

After taking some time to travel around the world and researching various types of spirit production they noticed the trends for provenance and how farmers would make amazing fruit and grains available to artisan distilleries and wine producers for the highest quality drinks to be made.

Taking a step towards the sustainability side of things, Tayport makes a valiant effort, by arranging to collect from local farms they get the ripest and most flavoursome ingredients for their spirits and at the same time, by going direct to the producer it helps reduce their carbon footprint, they also return their waste to a local biogas plant and this is processed into gas which feeds back into the local community.

Tayport began in 2017 by creating Eau de Vie using local fruit, it’s traditionally shared as an aperitif, then in 2018, they developed their first liqueur – a Blackcurrant Liqueur, also known as ‘creme de cassis’, once again using local fruit, they continued this way until 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic forced them to diversify and prompted them to launch into the Gin market. Crafting their first gin – Wild Rose Gin – which is a traditional London Dry style gin with citrus and floral notes, and they launched their second gin – Scots Pine Gin – toward the end of the year.

It was their brand ambassador who suggested they produce their own Vodka, they had been creating their base spirit using Malt Barley from the start, so they perfected the recipe and it has since become their signature product, winning several awards and being named one of the top 10 vodkas in the world by Forbes.

You can also find Tayport Distillery as a proud sponsor for the Tayport Football Club, donating Man of The Match Bottles and money to help support their local club. They also make big strides in various charities, focusing their charitable efforts on the local community and raising awareness and funds for Motor Neurone Disease.

Tayport Vodka – Tasting Notes – “A smooth vanilla touch on the aroma, and reminding me of milky chocolate in sensation, with notes of barley and malt. The palate delivers rich and what again to me, tastes like luxurious milky chocolate, with hints of vanilla and barley, it tastes of exquisite quality, smooth and very morish.”

Bortolomiol – The Prosecco

“Giuliano left us a great gift, the desire to look forward always and imagine the future, among the traditions of our hills and with the constant desire to get better” – Bortolomiol Family

This is a story of what can be accomplished when you’ve been given a legacy to guide you into the future, Giuliano Bortolomiol left his winery to his wife Ottavia and their daughters Maria Elena, Elvira, Luisa and Giuliana, who with a ‘natural’ instinct have not only maintained what their father built up but have also taken on new challenges to ensure the revolution does not come to an end.

The Bortolomiol family has a strong united bond, the mother is the soul and linchpin of the winery and the sisters are the beating heart who guide and support the business, achieving new levels of quality, efficiency and effectiveness with an outlook that is always competitive.

“We were born and work in a special territory. Conserving and keeping intact this patrimony and these hills is a responsibility, a daily commitment that guides us in every decision we make.” – Bortolomiol Family

Bortolomiol – Bandarossa Special Edition Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG Extra Dry 2022 – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “A highlighted sweetness expression of ripe green apples and green pears, white floral, white pears.”

Flavour – “Silky and creamy smooth green fruits, green apple skins, white floral, chalky minerals, wet stones and gooseberries on the palate.”

Silver Medal Winner in the Creamy Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2023

The Tayport Cocktail


  • Extra Dry Prosecco
  • Tayport Malt Barley Vodka
  • Limoncello
  • Dried Orange and Apple Wheel
  • Bay Leaf
  • Mint Leaves

How To Make The Tayport Cocktail

  • Pour in 20mls of Tayport Vodka
  • 100mls of Extra Dry Prosecco
  • 5mls of Limoncello
  • Garnish with a display of Dried Orange and Apple Wheel, Bay Leaf and Mint Leaves

Aroma – “Soft sweetened lemon citrus with underlying milky chocolate aroma, with rich green apple skins, fresh garden mint.”

Flavour – “A delicate expression, gloriously displayed with soft sweet lemon, soft mushy ripe green and white pears, white/yellow floral, smooth malt barley vodka, with a very creamy sensation (thanks to the vodka and prosecco working together) wonderfully balanced and ever so moreish in the palate.”

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.