Thai Red Curry & Thai Green Curry Sparkling Wine Pairing

26th April 2022

Pairing Thai Curry with Sparkling Wine

A delicious Spicy and Cream Curry served up to you with a Glass of Award-Winning Bubbly, if you love Curry, what could be better than that? How about two plates and two glasses, today we’re pairing the famous Thai Red and Thai Green Curry with two different Award-Winning Sparkling Wines.

The Green Curry gets its name from the green chilies that give the Curry a Green colour, the Curry is made from Green Chilies, Coconut Milk and Chicken. As this Curry takes on a sweeter taste and appears as a ‘creamy mild green’ colour, in Thai its sometimes referred to as ‘Sweet Green’.

The Green Curry appeared either back during King Rama VI or Rama VII’s reign of Thailand, between the years 1908-1926.

The Red Curry is another popular Thai Curry made from Red Curry Paste, Coconut Milk and Meat, either Chicken, Duck, Beef, Pork or Seafood, the Red colour comes from the dry red spur chilies.

To complete the dish, it is served with Jasmine rice, vegetable spring rolls and prawn crackers.

Villa Sandi

Located in the picturesque region of Prosecco, Villa Sandi has had a foothold in the region since 1622 thanks to the Moretti Polegato family, for several generations they have dedicated their lives producing and sharing their wines and Proseccos around the world. They offer amazing tours open to anyone, exploring their 18th-century barrel cellar, winery and vineyards, you can also find Villa Sandi organising bike tours around the Prosecco region, a perfect way to explore Prosecco. But Villa Sandi, don’t just make Prosecco they also make a selection of award winning traditional method sparkling wines.

Villa Sandi – Opere Trevigiane Serenissima DOC Brut – Traditional Method – Italy

Aroma 👃 “Yellow citrus, yellow fruits, yellow stone fruits, yellow and white floral, minerals and freshly cut grass on the aroma.”

Flavour 👅 “A sweet citrus, lemon zest, lemon pulp, floral, minerals, and herbal notes on the palate.”

Gold Medal Winner in the Classic & Elegant Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

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Cantina VentiVenti

Ventiventi planted their first vines in the wine-growing district of north Modena in 2016, they use the classic method to make their Italians Sparkling Wines, they are a modern company, built and designed following a modern concept being innovative using modern technology, with even their name VentiVenti meaning 2020, they guarantee quality wines while respecting their land and vines, they are proud to say they are working on their sustainability, being organic and becoming self-sufficient.

Cantina Ventiventi – Il Borghetto – Blanc de Blancs Pignoletto DOC – Italy

Aroma 👃 “A fantastic array of ripe yellow fruits, yellow candy, yellow citrus and floral, with hints of creamy pastry on the aroma.”

Flavour 👅 “The same sort of notes with the aroma, just toned down a bit, yellow fruits, yellow citrus, minerals and floral flavours.”

Bronze Medal Winner in the Light & Fruity Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

Pairing Notes

Pairing Notes with the Villa Sandi Opere

Red –A fizzy burst of lemon, floral and fruity characters are added to the curry which intensifies in spiciness, leaving enhanced savoury chicken flavours.”

Green – “The Creamy green curry when combined with the Villa Sandi becomes elegant, the creaminess puts on a crown and raises the herbal notes until the close when the savoury chicken flavours come back with classic force at the close.”

Pairing Notes with the VentiVenti Blanc de Blancs

Red – “The Sparkling Wine subtlety comes rushing through, lifting all the spices to take precedence for a moment, this combination lifts the spicy notes above what they are without losing the savoury chicken flavours.”

Green – “The Sparkling Wine comes in perfectly and complements the creaminess, it takes nothing away, it simply helps the spicy flavours appear from the beneath the herbal and chicken notes.”

Information Credit: Red CurryGreen Curry

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