The Art of a Wine Label – Champagne Château De Boursault

17th April 2024


With the thousands of Sparkling Wines that I’ve tasted over the years, I’ve come across hundreds of different kinds of labels, all with their own story to tell.

From different colours, fonts and sizes, young and old, vibrant and dark, from the animals, landmarks, towns, villages, and maps of the vineyard in which the grapes were grown.

There is a lot to explore in the world of Wine Labels, but of course the label is only the front cover to what you really desire inside.

Label From France – Champagne Château De Boursault

What may look like a simple Château on this label is in fact one of the most famous houses in the Champagne region, a magnificent Château built by the orders of Madame Clicquot in 1843, on the left bank of the Marne valley, just 10km west of Epernay. The Cháteau was even built upon the ruins of a fortified castle that once belonged to the Barons of Boursault.

I will admit that seeing the Château in person is much more impressive, but once you’ve been to visit, this label will serve as a constant reminder of the magnificent architecture.

Champagne Château De Boursault Brut Tradition

This brings to a close this art exhibition of the Wine Label, there are many, many more labels that are worth displaying, so perhaps we will see you again in the next showcasing, but until then, enjoy the Fizz!

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.