The Art of a Wine Label – In Another Life

18th August 2022


With the thousands of Sparkling Wines that I’ve tasted over the years, I’ve come across hundreds of different kinds of labels, all with their own story to tell.

From different colours, fonts and sizes, young and old, vibrant and dark, from the animals, landmarks, towns, villages, and maps of the vineyard in which the grapes were grown.

There is a lot to explore in the world of Wine Labels, but of course the label is only the front cover to what you really desire inside.

I’ve collected an array of the different Labels to share with you, maybe you’ll know one or two, for this experience I would like you to imagine yourself walking around an art gallery or museum of Wine Labels, and please do help yourself to a glass of Sparkling Wine.

Labels From Italy – Arunda

Our first work of art is actually a piece of art displayed on a wine label, the artist has even signed it.

Displayed on Arunda’s Cuvée Muggi Extra Brut Method Classico. Showcasing what can be seen as a colourful display of our universe, solar systems, suns and planets.

Labels From England – Fitz

Rulers Breed Rebels, this is the motto that stands strong on the bottle, their label displays 9 crowns with 1 turned upside down, representing themselves, as the rebels of the wine industry.

In England to be able to call yourself English Sparkling Wine you must produce your Sparkling Wine in the Traditional Method, but Fitz decided they wanted to create their Sparkling Wine with the Charmat Method, meaning they couldn’t call themselves English Sparkling Wine, despite being produced on English soil, so instead of removing England altogether from their identity, they decided to double down and came up with the title, Sparkling Wine Made In England.

This is Fitz Pink, Sparkling Wine Made in England, showing the royalty that flows through England’s veins and those who dared to change the world by being different.

Labels From Spain – Vilarnau

Originating from the Cava region in Spain, this bottle of Vilarnau Brut Reserva, along with their Rosé addition, showcases a collage of different similarly themed art.

To me, it brings to mind the seaside, the shining blue water, the deep green seaweed, the glistening sand and vanilla ice creams, a joyous day out in the sun, and I know if you bring this bottle along with you, your taste buds will be very pleased.

Labels From Slovenia – Čotar

Identity is a very important part of our lives, trying to discover who we are and who we want to become, this bottle marks itself clearly with a large thumbprint center stage on the label above its name, Čotar.

It seems this bottle of Slovenian Sparkling Wine has found itself and is trying to help you do the same.

This label is displayed on Čotar Bela Penece Vino Extra Brut 2018.

Labels From Slovenia – Evana

Rising above the rest, this Slovenian Wine label shows a mountain with what could be seen as a winery located on top. this label could be perceived as a triumphant story of a Sparkling Wine producer who has fought hard to achieve the position at the of this mountain.

This label repersents Evana – Cuvée de Prestige – Method Champenois.

Labels From Italy – Cantine Ceci

Despite having a unique label, it is the bottle design that grabs your attention first, with this bottle being very long and thin, turning your attention to why you are here, the label, showing a golden elderly gentleman surrounded by an inscription in the Italian language, you can see this man is proud to be seen on this bottle of Cantine Ceci – Terre Verdiane Lambrusco – Emilia.

Labels From Italy – Fratelli Da Lozzo

On the side of this label, a golden vine grows, gifting you a little bit of their vineyard with every bottle, reminding you that mother nature was responsible for growing the grapes you are about to enjoy.

Fratelli Da Lozzo – LeMábie Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry – Vino Biologico Organic Wine

Labels From Slovenia – Rodica

You must look closer to really see this label, the design on this label is showcased with a very slight change in colour, it puts more emphasis on its shining red name of Rodica.

To me, I see this design as a blend of both the sun and the moon together in a constant rotation, both sharing equally the earth, this moment on the label could depict an eclipse.

Rodica Refosk Sparkling Red Wine 2014

Labels From France – Champagne Royal Riviera

Another label in our exhibition that takes on a royal touch, Champagne Royal Riviera with their Brut Supréme showing a very memorable turquoise blue with a gold crown sitting on top.

This wonderful Champagne displays quality in its flavours and aroma but does not take it to an overly complex level, making it a perfect and enjoyable Champagne for anyone to drink.

Labels From New Zealand – No.1 Family Estate

No.1 Family Estate, a label with a lot of history in New Zealand, setting trends and creation methods, their story is worth a read: New Zealand Sparkling Wine – How To Be No.1

This label is from their No.1 Assemble, their name is surrounded by golden vines, the grapes and leaves protect the family and the Sparkling Wine inside, if you can truly appreciate what’s inside then vines will part way allowing you entry.

This brings to a close this art exhibition of the Wine Label, there are many, many more labels that are worth displaying, so perhaps we will see you again in the next showcasing, but until then, enjoy the Fizz!

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.