The Art of Wines: Bellavista

26th June 2015

The “The Art of Wines” intends to become world leader in the distribution of the excellent Italian wines and particularly those of Campania.

Bellavista Alma

The foam is white, exuberant and excellent persistence. The sparkle is fine and continuous, with abundant crown. Bright colour, with yellow evident green tints. There seduces her perfume which is large and inviting and embracing shades fruit sweet and slightly mature (Doyenne pears) with subtle hints of chlorophyll and vanilla.


Bellavista Rosé

A pale and lively mousse, while its perlage consists of small, denselypacked and persistent bubbles. It has an enchantingly elegant pale pink colour that over time takes on aristocratic antique rose hues. We are overwhelmed by its bouquet that starts off with faint sensations of white peach as its intense yet mellow character reveals the pleasing fragrances of wild strawberries, citrus fruit, golden delicious apples, and dog rose, with a lingering hint of toasted bread.


Bellavista 2009

Bellavista Satèn welcomes us with abundant froth creamy and distinguished by a crown and perfect to be continued. Its sparkle is fine and persistent and vibrant pearl necklaces are very present, and thin well distributed. The color is pale yellow with slightly golden. Intense and seductive scent that opens in a complex and pleasing bouquet of flowers peach, citrus, honey and hazelnuts.


For special discounts, please contact L’arte dei vini. in Pompei, via S.Giuseppe 14 (Naples)

Written by Dario Capparella

Glass of Bubbly

Executive editor of news content for the website Please enjoy the articles that we share - We hope you find our love for Champagne & Sparkling Wines both interesting and educational.