The Best Bubbly for your Office Christmas Party

14th December 2015

The Best Bubbly for your Office Christmas Party

As the festive period approaches we are no doubt thinking about parties and celebrations, a time to congratulate each other for our efforts as a team and a chance to get to know each other better thanks to a tipple or two which helps to let our defences down and opens us up for laughter, chats and anything else that is said to happen at the ‘office Christmas party’!

Popping that bottle of Bubbly will no doubt be part of the party to get things underway or maybe you are lucky enough to work at an office that Bubbly is the main drink of the evening! Nonetheless, Bubbly usually plays some role in our Christmas parties so what should you be choosing to pop open on that once a year evening for your business?

Choice is massive nowadays and thanks to press and social media, we hear many interesting stories telling us which way the industry is swinging to the best and most preferred Bubbly – I am sure many of you will have heard about the shortage of Prosecco only a few months ago which got some of us panic buying!

Yes, you can pop down to your local supermarket to stock up on drinks for the evening (many offer great deals and Champagne can be under £10 a bottle) or even to Majestic if you are aiming to buy in bulk though maybe you are a member of Naked Wines so you are planning to order everything online in one go. Sometimes though, for those special Christmas parties, it is our chance to experiment and the usual suspects in brand names get put aside in favour of finding something new, something different, something with a story behind it.

The crowded Bubbly market is great news for consumers, especially those looking for offers and variety, as mentioned above, Champagne can be purchased from under £10 or we can embrace English Fizz, take a stab at Prosecco, explore Franciacorta, surprise ourselves with some Cava or visit the many other countries across the world eager to get the attention of the UK buying market.

Bubbly does not have to be the ‘usual suspects’, it can offer us an evening of new experiences, new tastes, new wine and food pairings and most importantly ‘enjoyment’. I understand, that for those without too much wine knowledge, turning up with a magnum of Veuve Clicquot or Moet & Chandon will get the cheers and admirers, but if you are planning a long evening ahead to include food, then maybe you can take a look at some of the lesser known (yet great tasting and award winning) labels which will get everyone talking and help you, as the party planner, to get some great feedback and make for an evening of unique experiences and interesting conversations going forward.

If you want to have that special Christmas party, then I do advise you to contact your local wine merchant who many a time will have a few interesting and unique Bubbly for you to entertain your staff.


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