The Best Champagne Marathons in The World

2nd December 2019


Champagne lovers around the world have always celebrated with Champagne during major events as a way to loosen their inhibitions and have warm fuzzy feelings coursing down their insides. When people drink Champagne, people want to lose a little mental clarity and have fun. Marathons, on the other hand, are an entirely different thing altogether.

Marathons are races that require mental toughness, fortitude, and the ability to surmount and survive traveling long distances with just the force of one’s body. Do marathons and drinking Champagne mix? Not quite so, but people are inherently creative, and there’s no law against humor and quirkiness.

Therefore, some organizers in Champagne producing regions in the world thought it would be fun to arrange Champagne marathons to promote, not just the best Champagnes, but also see how far can people physically go when under the influence. Take note that running with Champagne coursing through your veins will at least be better with comfortable running shoes.

Here are some of the best Champagne marathons in the world:

La Champenoise

Does Champagne make people better runners, and will they stay on course? This mystery is answered in the La Champenoise Champagne marathon, which challenges runners to run through France’s Champagne region and take in all the wonderful sights of vines, rolling hills, and picturesque rural landscapes.

Of course, the challenge is more intense since participants are given a flute of Champagne in every stop. Unlike your protein powder drink, Champagne will hardly reenergize but will cause you to feel inebriated and intoxicated.

Will runners have the will to go the distance after this ‘reenergizing drink’? That seems to be the fun of the event as participants are slowly and surely getting inebriated at every stop. Running through the French countryside just gets more challenging as participants have to deal with both fatigue and inebriation. Just for a little extra challenge, there’s even the best costume award – the quirkier the costume, the better.

The Blaye Wine Marathon

Spots lovers love a great challenge, and sometimes the best challenges are mental. Yes, just like when you’ve ingested some bubbly Champagnes and try to negotiate walking in a straight line. This challenge can be funny, but in the Blaye Wine Marathon, it’s a sporting event that has got participants from all over the world.

First celebrated in 2004, The Blaye Wine Marathon, which is held at the heart of the vineyards of the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, calls their event “running without moderation.” Indeed, you can run as much as you can if you still can while under the influence.

The race is friendly and festive, and participants are likewise required to wear their best costumes. It’s a crazy event that has music and other props to make the event more colorful. The main benefit of running this race is being able to enjoy the region’s landscapes, the many castles, and as well as the Blaye Citadel, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Of course, instead of protein snacks shakes, the drinks offered as refreshments will be flutes of wine and Champagne.

For people who don’t want to join the marathon, they can have a 10 km walk into the vineyards of the Blaye Wine region and explore the scenery at a relaxed pace.

The Alsace Vineyard Marathon

The Alsatian Vineyard Marathon puts its culture and heritage at the forefront in conducting its unique take on champagne marathons. The marathon attracts sports lovers as well as people who want to get to know more about Alsatian heritage. Unlike other marathons, the Alsace Vineyard marathon always plans for a surprise to motivate its competitors.

Wine and Champagne are not enough to motivate competitors to go the distance, so they have added some gastro-vinic treats to reenergize fully. Pretzels and kougelhopfs are just some of the tasty desserts that are being offered in each drinking station that can really perk up people to run the half marathon and 10-kilometer run. Along with the marathon, Alsace also holds charitable activities for the benefit of an organ donation.

There are many surprises in the Alsace marathon that’ll delight people of all ages, and the surprise events really make it a summer event that’s worth going to.

Medoc Marathon

This Champagne marathon kickstarts in September and is a magical event that brings together participants from all over the world. The marathon is just a way to have a central event in promoting the culture and cuisine of the region. Participants are encouraged to run wearing their most ornate costume, and the entire event has visits to castles and even tastings of regional specialties.

More than just a celebratory event, it’s also an educational event that has medical and health symposiums.

Final Thoughts
Champagne marathons combine culture, fun, and festivity to make the vineyard countryside a magical place where people can celebrate and enjoy the best Champagnes. People are pushed to their limits while sampling the best Champagnes and the best gastronomic feasts.

It’s also a way of bringing people together and bridging borders to promote the best products of a region in a celebratory event.

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