The Best Cities to have Tapas & Cava in Spain

23rd May 2022


Spain might just be one of the greatest countries in the world for many different reasons. The beautiful country is well known for its history, amazing architecture, the Spanish culture, the scenery, beaches, islands, Cava and of course the food. When it comes to traditional Spanish food, there are many delicious dishes to choose from, but something most people might know about is, of course, tapas.

Tapas is famous around the world and there’s almost no limit to how you can put your version together. In other countries, the term ‘cake-tapas’ is a thing as well as cheese tapas. But in Spain, the tapas are as authentic and original as I get. If you’re loving cured hams, cheese, and small plate foods, then a foodie experience on a holiday in Spain should be on your list. Tapas is perfect to enjoy with a glass or bottle of Cava. Cava is a white or rosé sparkling wine made in the traditional method from Spain.

The greatest tapas cities in Spain
Even though you’ll get a list of some of the cities to visit for the best tapas in Spain, you can still find it everywhere in the country. In Spain tapas is a part of the Spanish eating culture and Cava the drinking culture, so don’t worry about missing out. Here are some recommendations for the best cities to have tapas in beautiful Spain.

San Sebastian
The city of San Sebastian is found in the northern part of Spain. The city is well-known for its gorgeous beaches and excellent food. Home to Michelin-restaurants but also famous for its gourmet tapas. San Sebastian is known as the food capital of Spain.

This city might have one of the best tapas scenes in Spain. Granada has a long history of giving out free tapas when you order a drink, so a perfect time to order a glass of Cava. Don’t miss out on the experience in this cultural and exciting city in Spain.

In the capital of Spain, there’s a great opportunity to experience the tapas culture and how the locals eat. In Madrid, you will be able to find many tapas bars and tasty food.

In Seville, there are around 3000 tapas bars. That is a lot of options if you’re keen to do some tapas tastings in many places. This city has so much to offer as well, besides the heavenly food.

In doubt about tapas?
Tapas is a different type of small-plate food. In Spain, it’s normally served with a glass of wine and is especially good with a glass of Cava. Spanish tapas can consist of hams, cheeses, fried potatoes, chorizo, fish, and other types of foods.

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