The Best Sommelier Schools in the World

5th October 2022

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Worldwide demand exists for sommeliers. These skilled and knowledgeable wine experts create wine lists for restaurants and help customers pair the best wine with their meal of choice. They are an instant mark of quality for a classy restaurant.

Making and consuming wine may rightfully seem trivial to a layman. It’s just some grape juice with alcohol that has been around for centuries. How complicated can it be? But as any seasoned sommelier will testify, the more you learn about the wine industry, the more you realize how little you actually know. Such is the nature of all knowledge. There are thousands of grape varieties, hundreds of wine-producing areas, a wide variety of bottle styles, and a cast of colorful personalities.

Although there are publications intended to assist oenophiles in brushing up on their wine knowledge, if you’re the type of student who requires structure, guidance, deadlines or help from do my essay for me, here are the five best sommelier schools around the world.

The Court of Master Sommeliers

Court of Master Sommeliers was founded in the late 70s with the noble objective of raising
quality standards for beverage catering in places of service. Courses will take you through the Americas, Asia, Oceania, and Europe.

To earn junior certification, you will have to acquire basic wine knowledge and develop deductive tasting, which involves separating wine qualities and recognizing sorts, as well as identifying a list of other characteristics.

Beware, a sommelier school doesn’t consist of traveling and wine-tasting alone, like you might have wishfully anticipated. It also includes papers and tests like any other learning facility, you can have just as much use of college essay writing service online or term paper help online as you had as a college student. A two-day beginning sommelier education and a test covering wine theory, wine service, and tasting are also required.

Institute of Masters of Wine

The Institute of Masters of Wine’s rigorous three-year curriculum culminates in the Master of Wine certification. The organization, which was founded in 1955, demands that students learn everything there is to learn about wine and can also write well about it.

Students are pushed to their limits via a series of essays and tests, crafting them into some of the best-qualified experts in the field. Students must already have substantial work experience in the industry, excellent academic credentials, and Master of Wine sponsorship in order to even begin the program. The Institute of Masters of Wine, as hinted by its name,
is more like a master’s degree program than an entry-level course – you need sufficient academic build-up as well as field experience to be accepted.

Associazione Italiana Sommelier

Italy has long been known for its cuisine and wine, both of which are integral components of the nation’s history, culture, and identity. Italy leads the world in wine production and trade in both domestic sales and foreign exports. It is no surprise, then, that the country hosts some of the best and top-rated sommelier schools in the world.

Italian non-profit Associazione Italiana Sommelier was founded in Milan in the sixties. With 30,000 members in Italy alone, it is one of the largest and oldest sommelier associations in the world. All across the world, Associazione Italiana Sommelier certificates are accepted. It provides a Sommelier Certification, which leads to a Professional Sommelier Diploma, and a three-level Certified Sommelier Program (Silver/Gold). Since 2012, it has also been offering the Master Sommelier Diploma, which completes the sommelier’s education.

The Minimum required age to apply is 25, so you might still have to get through college if you were thinking of skipping it for this school. At least you can use an online writing service to get no plagiarism essays for your assignments to get it over with and follow your passion.

National Wine School

America is an unexpected host country on this list. The National Wine School offers a distinctively American liberal arts viewpoint being the only significant wine school established in the United States. The programs are meant for the whole wine business, not only restaurants. Study directions include manufacturing process and distribution.

In comparison to other nations, the wine trade in the United States is very different. Restaurant work is less profitable and regarded here than it is in Europe. In contrast to other wine initiatives, the emphasis is not on employment in restaurants. The curriculum at NWS is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the wine industry, including those as winemakers, instructors, and importers.

The program even includes taking the students to a few restaurants revered for their wine to observe how practicing experts work. This being the US, though, you may have to settle for non-alcoholic drinks for students while you are there if you are under 21. This school can be the right choice for you if you are not sure where exactly you are headed within the wine industry.

Wine Academy Italia

Organizations in Italy can take advantage of a variety of specialized training programs provided by Wine Academy Italia. It offers classes all around Italy as a WSET-approved program provider. Additionally, it provides students with the best possible instruction through WSET Certified Educators’ courses.
Final Thoughts

No-nonsense cynics and down-to-earth simpletons often disregard the work of sommeliers, labeling them as pretentious pseudo-experts and the entire practice – made-up hogwash. Wine is just some grape juice with alcohol, not an interplanetary spaceship.

How can there be entire schools centered around the subject? We don’t have dedicated schools diving deep into the makings, variety, and appreciation of orange juice, do we?

Cultured sophisticates and seasoned wine aficionados shrug off this low-hanging criticism with their heads held high. Is Mona Lisa just a painting? There are a lot of intricacies involved in the esoteric wine culture, and enjoying a glass of wine can be a much more refined and artistic experience than simply getting drunk.

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