The Best Wineries to Take a Date in Iowa

19th May 2019

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Iowa may not be the biggest name in wineries in the United States, the fact of the matter is that it is a state that is growing in the industry. Several tasting rooms, tours, and even winery inns are available for people to visit and stay at to enjoy the local products. This is especially great if you are dating in Iowa because you can schedule your outings to take place at these amazing places. Here are some of the best wineries to take your date for your local area.

Wide River Winery Tasting Room
As the name implies, this winery is located on the Mississippi River in Clinton, at the widest point in the river. There are also wineries in Le Claire, and the Village of East Davenport. This place has daily wine tastings in their unique tasting room where you will be able to sample products from the Wide River’s vineyards that are located solely in Clinton. With over 7 acres of land to explore, you and your date will have a great time. If the two of you want to explore the quaint town of Le Claire, then you can stay the night above the winery in a one bedroom inn. No matter which location you choose, you and your date will definitely be enchanted by the incredible atmosphere.

Eagles Landing Winery
The Eagles Landing Winery is a renowned local establishment that has won awards for having the best wine and being the best winery as recently as 2018. It’s a small, family-owned operation that offers free wine tastings every day of the week. Their vineyard is located a few miles away from the actual facility, but the winery is host to many live events throughout the year that make up for the lack of tours. This one is also located near the Mississippi River, giving you plenty to do after you have enjoyed a brief tour and tasting.

Fireside Winery
Taking a new-age approach to serving wine, Fireside Winery is as much a venue as a place where great wine is made and sold. This winery is noteworthy because you and your date can attend one of their famous nighttime fire pits where you can meet and mingle with other couples or local people that are looking to have a good time, sample wine, and enjoy the golden sunsets that happen here. This establishment is the frequent host to all sorts of live musical events, giving you and your date more reasons to come here to enjoy a couple glasses while relaxing to music. Community is at the heart of this winery and it shows.

The Iowa Wine Trail
If you’re looking to take your date on a journey that will take you through several wineries and vineyards, you can customize your own trip through the Iowa Wine Trail. You’ll be able to tour the company’s numerous establishments throughout the Upper Mississippi River Valley, showing off the charm of the small and medium wineries that dot the landscape. It’s a more “mainstream” kind of tour, but it’s a great controlled environment where you can take dates without putting in a ton of effort and planning beforehand.

As you can clearly see, there is a wealth of great wineries that are looking to welcome you to their facilities. Some of them combine their facilities to allow people to stay for a romantic night, and others are vast fields you can explore with your date. No matter which one of these wineries you go to, the chances are good that you will have a wonderful dating and drinking experience.

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