The Best Wineries to Visit in Italy

1st April 2019

The most amazing locations you will discover on wine press tours

When you think of Italy, other than thinking of its boot-shaped country, you automatically think of food and wine. Mainly pasta and pizzas, but food nonetheless. This is because, over the centuries, Italy has always stressed the importance of food and wine in every meal and the passion they have for this is second to none.

When going to Italy, you don’t always consider their wineries and vineyards as you often imagine the beauty of France or the hills of California for wine tours, but Italy can credibly hold their own as far as sparkling wine is concerned.

Located between the seaside and agreeable climates from the mountains, Librandi is perfect for wine tasting on the southern isle of Italy. This wine was named after a rich history from the Greeks where they believed the land was where grapes prospered and made great wine and because of this, Librandi aims to make the best of it by using traditional techniques that don’t affect the environment in any way. Check out their sparkling wines.

Azienda Vinicola Contini
Situated on the beautiful Italian owned island of Sardinia, this wine was founded in the 18th century and is considered one of the best wines in the western Italian island. 80 hectares of vineyards are included across estates that incorporates valleys and mountains which shows in the taste and quality of this beautiful wine. Don’t forget to try the sparkling wines.

Redaelli de Zinis
If you want pure beauty and the chance to sample lovely wine, then this estate on Lake Garda is the place for you! This winery is dedicated to not using machinery to farm its grapes and produce its wine and employs environmentally friendly techniques which ensures none of the natural surrounding scenery gets damaged. There are 1200 square meters of vineyard all with the produce being DOC which means it is great quality and has a beautiful flavor.

How to do it
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All of these wineries seem incredible and not only do you get to sample the local wines and scenery but you will also get shown incredible hospitality that is laid on by the Italians as they are very proud of their wines and really want to show them to the world.

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