The Champagne Hangover

6th January 2015

Champagne hangover

We’ve all been there – for many it may have only been a matter of days ago as the festive period came to an end. The dreaded hangover after a fun, bubbly-filled evening.

As we get older we tend to handle the aftermath a lot better, but the feeling can still linger.

Does it seem that Champagne gives you the strongest hangovers? It may be the case.

To begin with, sparkling wine can get you tipsy faster than other alcohols due to its bubbly nature. The carbon dioxide in the beverage means the alcohol reaches your blood-stream quicker as the bubbles help the body absorb the alcohol.

Around two thirds of people experience this effect of getting drunk faster from carbonated drinks.

If you’re one of those, you probably know by now the the best ways to avoid it are simple:

Make sure to sip your Champagne slowly
Alternate between drinks for a glass of water ocassionally
Try adding another liquid to the Champagne to make it a cocktail
Eat something before you drink

The drinking beforehand can often be worth the after-effects, but these are a few simple ways to try and avoid it if necessary. So no need to worry – carry on enjoying your bubbly!

Glass of Bubbly

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