The Classics from Champagne Lanson

25th October 2014

The Classics from Champagne Lanson

Black Label
“The Perfect Start”

An emblematic cuvée, Lanson Black Label owes its name to Victor Lanson, a passionate visionary who in 1937 wished to pay homage to the key market of the House at the time, Great Britain.

The style of this Champagne blend is constant throughout the years, a balance between power and elegance, strong wine aromas and finesse, truly characteristic of the Lanson style.

Black Label Brut


Pink Label
“Fresh as a Rose”

This delicate champagne,in keeping with the Lanson style,was one of the first rosé Champagnes.Today the House enjoys more than 50 years of experience in making rosé champagne, which makes Lanson Rose Label one of the most sought-after
Champagnes for its characteristic freshness reminiscent of the Black Label.

Lanson Rose Label is a beautiful pure colour in salmon tones with small, brilliant bubbles. The nose recalls aromas of roses and delicate red berry notes. On the palate, the impact is gentle leading into a very long finish. Its unmistakeable originality is its most attractive feature along with the harmonious balance it strikes between fullness and freshness.



Ivory Label
“The Tender Champagne”

Up to the early 20th century,champagnes were systematically given a sweet touch. Today, Lanson artfully continues that tradition with a perfect dosagethat reveals the fruity aromas of Ivory Label.

After a minimumof 3 years ageingin the cellars, Ivory Label unveils its colour with gold coloured highlights that hint at the presence of Pinot Noir. On the nose,the champagne exudesaromas of ripe fruit,cinnamon and honey. On the palate it is fruity, all fullness and sensuality – the perfect thing if you wish to serve something refined to accompany foie gras, fruit tarts and succulent desserts.

Shared by Kathy Sturge

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