The Fizz Glass from Olly Smith

8th August 2016

The Fizz Glass from Olly Smith

Olly Smith has brought out The Fizz Glass, a new glass especially for bubblies and sweet wines. It features a short stem and beautiful bowl shape, is lightweight and delicate yet strong, and can be placed in cupboards and dishwashers with ease.  It shape brings out aromas and flavours, and its short stem makes it harder to break. As it contains no lead, it will remain clear through repeated washing.

Designed by Olly in consultation with glass specialist Daniel Primack of Winerackd UK, each Fizz Glass is mouth-blown and made by world-class leading manufacturer Zalto, giving the highest quality and perfectly executed balance. Olly says:

“The glass you drink from makes a big difference not only to the wine but also to your enjoyment. Just like a beautifully tailored jacket, a top wine glass should be fun as well as functional, look great and make you feel a bit special. I’m always hunting both convenience and quality so I worked once again with Zalto, manufacturer of some of the finest wine glasses, to create a unique glass suitable for you, for all fizz, every time. Whether it’s a weeknight dinner, a special tasting or a gift for a loved one, I want this glass to help you share in the glory of wine and enjoy it to the max.”

The Fizz Glass is available to buy at for £22.50 (inc VAT) + p&p.

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