The highest winery in Europe

19th November 2019

Arunda Extra Brut Cuvee Marianna

There is a claim that seems to be owned by and referred to by quite a few wineries and especially when you carry out a quick search on Google for ‘highest winery in Europe‘. It is stated that in Europe to be referred to as a winery with a high altitude you really should be looking at 500m ASL (above sea level) or more. We must also consider that there is a big difference between a winery and the vineyards, you could indeed have a high altitude winery where the wines are made and stored and yet gather the grapes from vineyards located lower down.

There are many regions in Europe that boast high altitude growing regions. With the famous mountain range of the Alps stretching in amongst Italy, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, and into Slovenia there are plenty of terroirs that will be above 500m ASL.

Trento regional mountains

I have been lucky enough to travel to many sparkling wine growing regions across Europe and have stood within some wonderful high altitude vineyards with amazing views. From Prosecco region to Slovenia and beyond, sparkling wine vineyards can certainly be found at above 500 ASL.

With a claim of being the highest winery in Europe (highest cellar) and certainly within a wine region that sees some high altitude vineyards (Trento), Arunda who are set in the region of Meltina which is a southern Tyrol location, are a family (Reiterer) owned business. Only 80 or so km’s north from the town of Trento, one hour driving time, the Mölten region is a refreshing blast of pine forests, meadows to Alpine pastures.

Arunda: The South-Tyrolean sparkling wine. The 1,200 meters of altitude of Meltina is ideal for the refining of sparkling wines.”

The grapes come for Arunda come from the vineyards of Appiano, Cornaiano, Salorno. The wines will see 24 months in the cellars to give Arunda sparkling wines that richness, elegance and complexity that has made them famous with some cuvées resting in the cellars for 60 months.

Trophy for Vintage 2019 – Arunda Cuvée Marianna (Extra Brut)

As soon as I tasted the wine I knew it had won the trophy for vintage” is what I said when after the trophy wines had been selected and I was asked to taste each of the winners. It is what vintage sparkling wines are all about:

Easily mistaken for a fine vintage grower Champagne and this is offering it much respect as it surprised me by being a traditional method Italian sparkling. The nose pulls you in and wow’s you with toasty, butter, dried yellow fruits and honey. Though an extra brut it is relaxed, almost meditation in flavours with soft citrus, toast, oak and baked apple. It sums up vintage perfectly and deserved its trophy in 2019.

Arunda Extra Brut Riserva 2013

Arunda Riserva Extra Brut


Arunda Riserva Extra Brut:A touch of citrus and green fruits on the nose. Flavours are dry, minerals, sea breeze and a touch of light green fruits.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.