The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Prosecco

1st March 2022

Hills are alive with the sound of Prosecco

The Hills have stopped singing for a moment and now all you can hear is Prosecco, the harvesting of the grapes, the crushing, fermentation, bottling, popping, serving and drinking of this marvelous creation brought to the world by the Italian people.

While enjoying a glass of Prosecco, delivering pleasure to your aroma and palate, I want to engage two more parts of you. When you have something as popular as Prosecco, you’ll be crazy to think that it wouldn’t sneak into other industries of the world, Prosecco has had the honor of having multiple songs named after it, so while sipping from your glass, listen to some of the songs and see if you find something you like, I guarantee you will.

I’m going to start with my favourtie, simply titled Prosecco, performed by the Timeflies, this song is perfect for the late night / early morning night club scene, on that dance floor embracing the beat, pounding through the floor and into your veins.

Prosecco and love can easily be considered one and the same, so it’s no surprise that a few love songs containing passion and Prosecco would be sung, Patrik Jean uploaded on the 8th of May 2019 a song named Prosecco, signing about two men falling in love. Prosecco comes in during the chorus “Is it love or just Prosecco?” Click to find out…

The most viewed song on Prosecco is called Prosecco, it’s sung by Jacob Banks and was uploaded on the 9th of November 2019, with Prosecco appearing in the line “That Prosecco done got you feelin’ like Rihanna.”

The next song Prosecco only contains one word which I can understand and it’s the most important one, ‘Prosecco’, the song is sung by the pop band HECHT from Switzerland, although I can only understand one word, the beat and rhythm are addictive, making it hard not to nod along.

The next song might be one for your sad song playlist, Croosh sings the song Prosecco with the first chorus line being “I’ve been sipping on Prosecco, makes it easier to let go oh.”

The last song I found is sung by Th&o. featuring a bottle and glass of bubbly throughout most of the music video, Th&o. was asked what his inspiration was behind making the music video in a GQ interview, he said “My apologies if this may seem obvious but, the video was truly inspired by the song. I’ve always believed that songs have a way of telling you what they want to be, how they’d want to be written, and as a songwriter, your job is to take heed of that. The same applied to the video, the song dictated what it should look and feel like and we followed it.” – Th&o.

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