The Historical Background Every Wine Lover Should Know About Louis Roederer Champagne

24th November 2022

Louis Roederer

The history of the Louis Roederer Champagne house started in 1833 when Louis Roederer took over the Champagne house of Dubois Pere et Fils from his uncle. Right after taking over the company, Roederer changed the name of the company and bought all the best vineyards from the locality of Marne. This was an uncommon behavior for any company owner at that time, as after his father’s death, Louis Roederer II took over his father’s company and began exporting the Champagnes to Russia and the United States.

In this way, the company became the sole supplier of the Cuvee Cristal to the Russian court in 1876. Thus from one generation to another, the Roederer company became one of the few family-run Champagne houses. All the Louis Roederer Champagne prices are available at where you can get any variants of these Champagnes. Consumers from places like Germany, Greece, Armenia, Italy, and many other places can order these Champagnes from the official site.

The Background and Inception of Louis Roederer Champagne House

The historical background of the Louis Roederer company goes way back to the year 1776 when the company had a different name as it was known by Dubois Pere & Fils. After the original owner’s passing, his nephew, Louis Roederer, took over the company and named it after himself. It was a bold move by Roederer as he changed the brand and created new approaches to winemaking.

He also did not buy the grapes as he bought his vineyards which were uncommon then. This kind of establishment of his vineyards gave him a lot of confidence and control over the harvesting and planting of the grapes. All of these contributed to the brand’s overall popularity. Finally, in 1876, it launched its signature product Prestige Cuvee.

The Distinct Qualities of Louis Roederer Champagne and Its Vineyards

Certain distinctive qualities of Louis Roederer Champagne house vineyards make it stand out from the crowd of other companies, as the company has always invested in its vineyards. So much so that currently, the house owns more than 590 acres from the premier cru villages.

The sustainable farming process of the company makes them one of the most socially aware companies out there as well. In 2002 the brand became the first marquee company to adopt biodynamic farming. These aspects made them the largest biodynamic producer of champagne, making them distinct from all their competitors.

Ecological Methods Used for Growing Grapes

As evident from history, Louis Roederer has always been known for its strong eco-friendliness, as the brand’s first move towards sustainable practices was initiated in the year 2000 under the direction of Jean-Claud Rouzaud. After this initial start, his son Frederic put even more focus on it after he took over the company from his father in 2006 as he implemented the biodynamic farming process within the family-owned vineyard; his primary focus was to go for more clean and green operations.

This kind of following of organic and biodynamic farming practices gives the company a competitive advantage as they do not use any fertilizer in the harvesting and growing of the grapes. They have already stopped using herbicides over two decades back which makes them one of the most eco-friendly champagne companies in the whole world.

All the vintage Champagnes of the company, like Blanc de Blancs, Brut Vintage, and Cristal, are made from these biodynamically farmed grapes making them distinctive from their competition.

The Making of Cuvees and Their Speciality

In the context of Champagne, Cuvee can be the first pressed or desired juice. It can also be termed an exceptional quality wine that tastes like a multi-grape variety juice.

The splitting up of the vineyard holdings helped the company with the segmentation of specific plots which are designated for certain cuvees. It helps the company have the same workers tending the same vines yearly. This makes the brand’s cuvees desirable among all consumers worldwide.

Brief Description of Champagne from Different Years

Here are some of the Champagnes that Louis Roederer launched from different timelines:

One of the most popular ones launched by the company is the Louis Roederer Edition Starck Brut Nature 2012. The other major favorite among the customers is the Louis Roederer Cristal 2004 Brut Magnum. Some popular Champagnes include

• Louis Roederer Brut Vintage 2012
• Louis Roederer Cristal Millésimé Brut 2012
• Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2013
• Louis Roederer Cristal Rose 2012
• Louis Roederer Rose Brut,
• and many more.

The Brand Value Continues to Grow for Louis Roederer Champagne House

The overall brand value of Louis Roederer Champagne currently reached a peak as it is on the wishlist of any luxurious enthusiast. With its high-quality fresh products, the company has remained one of the top wine-making organizations in the world. Each bottle represents a symbol of luxury for all of its customers.

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