The History of Bottega Prosecco

20th June 2016

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Located in Bibano di Godega (TV), in the Prosecco area and a short distance from the vineyards of Collio, Cartizze, Amarone and Picolit. Bottega SpA has a three generations of history committed to wine.

1920’s – Domenico Bottega. The progenitor of the Bottega family was a passionate winemaker, who knew how to distinguish the best grapes directly on the vines.

1977 – Foundation of the Distilleria Bottega. Aldo Bottega founded the company with premises in Pianzano di Godega (TV).

1983 – Bottega Brothers. After the founder passed away, his son Sandro, helped by his mother Rosina and his brothers Stefano and Barbara, took over the management of the company.

1987 – The trade mark Alexander was created. The Alexander trade mark, aimed at increasingly refined customers target including young people and women, was added to the Bottega trade mark. Distilleria Bottega started to breach the domestic borders.

1992 – Cantina dei Poeti. Vino dei Poeti, a sparkling Prosecco wine, is the first of a collection of quality wines.

2007 – New premises in Bibano. Distilleria Bottega moved to Bibano di Godega. The premises consist of a large nineteenth century manor house, renovated in complete respect of the most up to date environmental criteria and surrounded by 10 hectares of vineyards.

2009 – New wineries. The company inaugurates the new winery for the production of Prosecco and other sparkling wines. It is adjacent to the head office in Bibano. Distilleria Bottega extends then its wine production to Valpolicella (Veneto) and Montalcino (Tuscany). This process materializes after the acquirement and direct management of two wineries on the premises. The first one, in Pescantina (VR), produces  the famous Amarone, as well as Ripasso and Recioto. The other one, in Montalcino (SI), produces Brunello, the prince of Italian wines.

2011 – Alexander blown glass factory. After a careful renovation of the historical site in Pianzano, the blown glass factory moves to this location. Here the Alexander artistic bottles are produced following an ancient tradition.

2013 – On March 20th, Distilleria Bottega changes its company name and becomes Bottega S.p.A.

2014 – In January 2014 Bottega opened the first Bottega Prosecco Bar on the Cinderella cruise ship, part of the Viking group, a shipping company operating in the Baltic Sea with a fleet of ferries and cruise ships. In spring 2015, the format was applied in Abu Dhabi (UAE), in the outdoor bar of the Intercontinental Hotel and in December 2015 in Birmingham (UK), at the Resorts World, constructed by Malaysian Genting group.

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