The House of Champagne Mercier

7th January 2015

The House of Champagne Mercier

Champagne Mercier is located in Epernay in the heart of France’s Champagne country. It was founded in 1858 by Eugène Mercier when he was just 20 years of age during the reign of Napoleon III, a period of thriving economic prosperity.

Eugène Mercier had originally bought up some land on the Avenue de Champagne, then in 1871 he began the construction of his cellars. It took six years to build the 18 kilometers of impressive underground tunnels that are home to the Mercier heritage.

The House has always had a strong link with Paris. In 1871, as soon as the cellars were built, a direct railway line transported the wine to the City of Light. And the connection went both ways, as Mercier’s reputation meant that it was always welcoming Champagne lovers to the rolling hills of its vineyards.

Eugène Mercier took up an incredible challenge: make the wine of the era’s elites into a Champagne accessible to everyone without ever sacrificing quality.

“A brilliant innovator and communication visionary, Eugène Mercier always knew how to surprise and amaze the public…” – Emmanuel Mercier, Mercier ambassador and great-grand son of the founder.

Today the house is under the umbrella of the LVMH group and is the number one selling brand of Champagne in the domestic French market.

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