The Ice Cream made from Wine

6th January 2015

The combination of two great loves in life – wine and ice cream.

The company behind this delightful product is award-winning Mercer’s Dairy, a farm in Boonville, New York.

It’s the real deal too, not just “flavoured” ice cream, but an actual wine blend containing 5% alcohol!

“At Mercer’s, we produce true wine ice cream. This is not just wine-flavored ice cream. It is a 15% butterfat and up to 5% alcohol by volume WINE INFUSED ice cream. In fact, the formula is trade-secreted by Mercer’s Dairy.”

Some of the flavours include:
Chocolate Cabernet
Peach White Zinfandel
Red Raspberry Chardonnay
(and our favourite) Strawberry Sparkling

This treat is strictly for adults!



Glass of Bubbly

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