The Kir Royale Cocktail Recipe You Must Try at Home

26th May 2021


After a busy and harsh day, you have just arrived home. You are tired and broken for sure. But, your mind is seeking something to console all the fatigue. This is another nuisance because you are already worn out. Your body is reluctant to move anymore even for a single step. If someone would make a refreshing cocktail for you! Well, let’s talk about a facile drink. The best thing about the Kir Royale is its immediacy. It’s not only illustrious for this reason. A nice history of World War II belongs to Kir Royale. We are going to share the simplest recipe of this cocktail. If you are fond of French liqueurs, Kir Royale will allure you from the first sip. Enjoy!

The history behind Kir Royale

A ton of people who try Kir Royale for the first time are interested to know about the history of the cocktail. The main attraction is possibly the name. They often ask about the name and want to know why it is called Kir Royale.

The name of the famous French cocktail was christened after the catholic priest Canon Felix Kir. The famous personality in French history was born in 1876. He had several roles during World War II. He is famous for his heroic involvement in the French Resistance at that time. Besides, Kir was the Mayor of the Burgundy town situated in east-central France.

Canon Felix Kir is also well-known for the invention of the Kir Royale cocktail. His recipe for this cocktail was well-accepted by all and became famous all around in France. He made the Kir by applying a delicious blend of white wine and Crème de cassis. Felix Kir is also known for the invention of another variation of the cocktail where he used Champagne instead of wine.

The reasons behind Kir Royale’s popularity are its deliciousness, sweet flavor, the perfect foil, and effortless recipe.

Kir Royale recipe and preparing steps

Kir Royale looks and tastes very delicious. Due to the simple recipe, you can enjoy the drink anywhere personally. Besides, it fits any party. Most bartending services are ready to provide you with the cocktail for any occasion. So you contact one like mobile bar hire London for both formal and informal parties. So, do you want to try Kir Royale at home? Let’s explore the recipe.


Required ingredients:

– Crème de Cassis (2 tablespoons for double serving)

– Chilled sparkling wine (375 ml for double serving)

– Raspberries for garnishing (optional)


How to prepare:

– Take a flute glass and pour Crème de Cassis into it. 

– Drop 2 or 3 raspberries on it. 

– Fill the remaining gap of the flute glass with chilled sparkling wine.

– Drink immediately for better taste. 


Is it over? Yes, it is simple as pie!


Alternative ingredient to use: Since the Kir cocktail has some variants; you can also use the alternative ingredients to reach the deviation. For instance, some people like to use Crème de Framboise, or Chambord instead of Crème de Cassis. Besides, dry Champagne is vastly used as an alternative to sparkling wine. People like to garnish the cocktail in their own ways. So, the usage of lemon slices and blackberries is quite common. When you change the ingredient, the taste and color of the cocktail will naturally change.

Many years have passed, but Kir Royale is still one of the best French cocktails around the world. You will definitely fall in love with its color, the sparkling effect, and the taste. You might be overwhelmed as well by thinking that you are drinking a cocktail relevant to World War II.

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