The Legendary Bond and Bollinger Combination

18th December 2014

The Legendary Bond and Bollinger Combination

With the new Bond movie ‘Spectre’ on it’s way to cinemas, are we due to see the legendary Bond/Bollinger collaboration once again?

Having first made an apparence in Ian Fleming’s 1957 book Diamonds Are Forever, Champagne Bollinger has had a strong partnership with the movies, having featured in almost every 007 film since Live or Let Die.

The producer sought a quality Champagne to match Bond’s style, and of course, Bollinger was an ideal match, often seen as one of the finest Champagne’s available. Christzian Bizot (then head of Bollinger) and Cubby Broccoli (producer on the films) had a good friendship and made a simple and lasting agreement.

One of the many Bollinger/007 posters. This one is for

One of the many Bollinger/007 posters. This one is for “Die Another Day”

Four famous Bond actors have been seen drinking this iconic Champagne, from Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and the latest, Daniel Craig.

“For 40 years on screen, Bollinger, the Champagne with an inimitable, uncompromising style, has been James Bond’s Champagne, a key element in his seductive appeal to the fair sex and a symbol of his oh so British wit and sophistication.”

In 2012, Bollinger celebrated the 50th anniversary of Bond’s on-screen debut by releasing limited edition of a special presentation box.

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