The Light Lounge, Boutique Bar in London

24th November 2015

The Light Lounge

Located between Soho and Covent Garden, The Light Lounge is a boutique cocktail bar that serves premium alcohol to the tunes of soul, funk and disco.

On the first floor, the lounge is bathed in natural light and as the night goes on the mood lighting adds to the atmosphere.

The furnishing is  contemporary, with a sleek bartop and square leather sofas. Individual, crystalline lights hang from the ceiling, giving elegance and a warm glow to the bar.


With every glass of Ruinart bought here, you receive a complimentary Ruinart callison biscuit.

You can currently book for Christmas & New Year’s “Let There be Light” event in this luxurious bar. Keep an eye out for their occasional wine-tasting events too.


Glass of Bubbly

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