The Perfect Pairing: Protect Your Wine Collection with NETGEAR’s Orbi 960 Series

1st August 2023


Champagne and sparkling wines add a touch of magic to life’s special moments. To preserve their essence, proper storage is crucial. With the rise of WiFi-enabled wine coolers, remote monitoring becomes possible. However, poor WiFi coverage can be a challenge for coolers tucked away in cellars or basements.

Enter NETGEAR’s Orbi 960 Mesh WiFi System – the ultimate solution to elevate your Champagne collection to new heights. Boasting impressive WiFi speeds of up to 10.8Gbps and covering an expansive 7,500 sq. ft., Orbi 960 is designed to eradicate dead zones and ensure seamless connectivity throughout your entire home. With this powerful whole-home WiFi 6E system, even the most distant corners of your residence will enjoy reliable internet access, ensuring your WiFi-enabled Champagne cooler remains connected, and your bubbles are always cared for.

Yet, the Orbi 960 Series goes beyond caring for your Champagne collection alone; it enhances your entire smart home ecosystem. With its reliable and robust WiFi coverage, all your connected devices, from smart speakers to security cameras, will perform at their best. Enjoy seamless streaming, uninterrupted gaming, and swift communication throughout your home, ensuring every moment is extraordinary.

The Gardens at Champagne Deutz

So, whether it’s a wedding toast, a milestone celebration, or a spontaneous moment of joy, the perfect pairing of NETGEAR’s Orbi 960 Series and your cherished Champagne collection sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. With stable and reliable WiFi connectivity, your Champagne coolers will be in sync with your desires, ensuring that every bottle is chilled to perfection, ready to celebrate life’s most cherished moments.

Pop the cork and protect your Champagne collection with NETGEAR’s Orbi 960 Series – because every celebration deserves exceptional WiFi.

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