The Perfect Prosecco Experience

16th October 2015

The Perfect Prosecco Experience

It’s unlikely that you will find a better Prosecco experience! An exceptionally, high quality Prosecco Superiore produced by Furlan together with the new Riedel Prosecco Superiore glasses. (‘Prosecco Superiore’ being the name for high quality, fine Prosecco in case you’re wondering). Not just a beautiful looking bottle of Prosecco and some fancy glasses. They are presented together for a reason.

Did you know that using the ‘correct’ glass can greatly enhance a fine wine’s aroma and taste? Conversely, using the ‘wrong’ glass can have a detrimental effect on fine wine. Most of us aren’t aware that the Champagne flute isn’t the best glass for Prosecco Superiore, nor for other quality sparkling wines. Riedel, recognised as the world’s best manufacturer of glassware, has designed a glass especially for Prosecco Superiore. The elegant glass with its distinctive diamond shape certainly proved to be the best glass amongst a number of different styles I tested this year with Steve McGraw, MD of Riedel UK. The glass accentuated the delicate fruity bouquets and softer taste of the wonderful Furlan Prosecco Superiore.

How fabulous to have a special glass just for Prosecco! The bad news was it’s not available to consumers direct from Riedel. However, problem solved. I have developed a stunning bespoke gift set featuring the beautiful Furlan Prosecco Superiore, together with the very elegant Riedel Prosecco Superiore glasses. The perfect Prosecco experience….one which you’re only likely to be able to buy in the UK right now from Just Perfect Wines!

The gift set is available to order now from for deliveries from November and is priced at £49.99 plus £10.00 postage and special packing.

Shared by Julia Phillips

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