The Perfect Sparkling Wine for you and your Sweetheart

8th February 2023

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Love is in the air, sparkling wine in your glass and the taste of chocolate in your mouth… what’s better?

I love a good sparkling wine as it’s so versatile. From celebrating an anniversary to starting a new business venture, it’s the wine that truly is used in all of life’s celebrations!

There are so many types of sparkling, sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect fit or perfect pairing for the occasion. There is of course the classic brut sparkling that is dry and intense yet oh so refreshing. Yet, many people find it too dry. If you’ve never had a semi-seco, that might be just the absolute perfect fit for you. It’s considered off-dry, or you could say semi-sweet. It’s the perfect in between that isn’t too sweet but not too dry. Did I mention it goes amazing with mimosas too? Yes! We’ll talk about mimosas a little more in a minute, but have you ever had a red sparkling? They are a little more rare and typically drier as well, but they make quite an amazing sangria! I’ll share some great pairing ideas here shortly on that as well. One of my favorite classic sparkling wines is a fantastic rose. It too can be like a semi-seco in that it isn’t too sweet but not too dry as well. And it looks absolutely stunning in the right flute glass as well. And for those who love a good sparkling but maybe don’t drink or don’t drink much, what about a zero-alcohol sparkling grape juice with green apple, peach, and pear flavors? Sounds amazing right? And to just top it off, what about mini bottles of sparkling? Yes! Perfect for wedding favors, romantic picnics or dinner and no glass or wine opener needed!

We offer many of these amazing sparkling wines and fan favorites!

• Suave Pop (Red Sparkling for Sangria)
• Alegre Zero Alcohol Sparkling Grape Juice
• Paquet Cadeau Rose Sparkling
• Paquet Cadeau Semi- Seco Sparkling (perfect for Mimosas)
• Talmage Semi-Seco Sparkling (also used for personalized wine labels)
• Le Cadeau Mini bottles of Semi-Seco Sparkling

If you are looking for that perfect Mimosa first thing in the morning to celebrate your special occasion or your love, you can do some classic mimosas as well as some fun twists! Traditional mimosas are sparkling wine & orange juice, but I have to say one of my personal favorites is pineapple juice! It’s a little lighter with some citrus taste where you can still really taste the sparkling wine too. Blood orange, pomegranate & cranberry juice are also some great options for mimosas. You can go heavier on the sparkling or heavier on the juice, depending on what you personally enjoy. If you want to add a little something extra to your sparkling, add a splash of vodka, Grand Marnier, Chambord, or whiskey. The options truly are endless!

What about the perfect sparkling sangria recipe? Just like mimosas there are so many ways to make sangria but here is an easy recipe to follow:

1/2 medium apple (leave the skin on and cut into pieces
1/2 medium orange (leave the rind on and cut into pieces and you can even save some for garnish)
3/4 cup orange juice
1/3 cup brandy
750 ml bottle of Suave Pop Sparkling
1 cup Ice to chill

Now you have your mimosa or sangria but what should you pair it with?

Most of us have heard of red wine and dark chocolate, but maybe you haven’t heard about white wine/sparkling wine and popcorn. Just like there are many types of chocolate, there are many types of popcorn. Remember that if you pair sparkling wine with something sweet, the sparkling wine will pick up that sweetness. Versus if you pair it with something spicy, it can enhance the dryness of a sparkling. So, what we pair it with can either enhance or take away from the wine, depending on what we’re looking for.

If you’d like a slightly sweet taste, I highly recommend salted caramel or vanilla almond popcorn to bring out those sweet notes, especially in a rose or semi-seco sparkling. A spicy cilantro or coconut curry flavored popcorn would pair well with brut sparkling or red sparkling wines. And of course, traditional popcorn pairs well with almost all sparkling wine options.
If you want something a little more substantial food wise to pair with your sparkling wines then items like egg rolls, slightly spicy Asian food, deviled eggs, olives, and meatballs make great choices too. Even potato chips go well. The saltiness with the drier sparkling wines really are a great match. And of course, you can never go wrong with a well-rounded charcuterie board to pair with you favorite sparkling wine.

The properly shaped wine glass also adds to your wine tasting experience. Our Artisan 5 Sparkler Stems are the perfect gift to enjoy your sparkling wine in. They are Handcrafted, lead-free, Italian Crystal that are dishwasher-safe, elegant, and designed to develop numerous, constant, refined, and persistent bubbles. I absolutely love how beautiful our rose sparkling looks in this stunning glass.

And if you’re looking to add just a little extra onto your gift for your special someone, we also help design custom labels on our Talmage Semi-Seco Sparkling. We take a photo of the two of you and design a special label that you’ll hold onto forever, even after you enjoy the wine in the bottle. If you want to keep the celebration going on the go, then our mini bottles are a must have as well!

If you’d love to be able to try our wines, then a wine tasting might be perfect for you as well! We do fundraising, corporate tastings, virtual, in-person, apartments, and 55+ community tastings in 40 different states. We specialize in low sulfite wines, sugar-free, gluten-free, low alcohol, organic & sustainably grown options among our wines. We also boast over 340+ award winning wines in our lineup.

Enjoy your time together, slow down for at least 1 evening and share a glass of sparkling wine with an amazing meal or pairing and reflect on all the wonderful times now and in the future!

Enjoy friends!

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Lindsey Mangold

She's been in the wine industry for almost 15 years and specializes in pure wine options that are low sulfite, sugar-free, gluten-free & organic.