The Relationship Between Desserts & Rosé Champagnes

6th December 2022

Why Champagne Rosé and Desserts pair so well

Rosé Champagne is usually that touch more special, right? Certainly a few £s more when we look to purchase a bottle compared to their brut (white versions) – This is via the marketplace setting the price, not the cost to produce it, as many white Champagnes are made with black grapes anyway. Could we say rosé bubbly is more romantic, much more sexier, tastes superior and even far better suited to food pairings? Whatever happens, Rosé Champagne ticks many boxes and holds a firm appreciation within the wine loving community.

So what about Rosé Champagne and desserts? As we reach the conclusion of our dining experience we hit the dessert course and this will likely be a sweeter dish (unless we have opted for the cheese board) and most times a Rosé Champagne will be suggested. Many labels on the back of Rosé Champagne bottles that suggest food pairings will mention enjoying it alongside desserts (along with white meats / fish / variety of spicy and aromatic dishes).

These more intense flavours that a Rosé Champagne holds, especially those red berry fruit zesty characters, will lend themselves better to a variety of richer / spicier dishes and desserts. The list of desserts that Rosé Champagne pairs well with includes:

  1. Fresh fruit Cocktails (especially strawberry, raspberry, or for me the best, cherry)
  2. Dark chocolate desserts
  3. Dark chocolate covered fruits
  4. Plain / Vanilla creamy desserts


With many Rosé Champagnes and especially Rosé de Saignée, there is an intensity of refreshing acidity, tannins and minerality which reacts wonderfully against rich, intense flavoured, smooth textured dishes. The pairing most of the time unites to allow for a palate cleansing taste experience and enables clean flavours from the dish to persist as well as refreshing flavours from the wine to shine through. Many times, a wine and food pairing can clash and ruin both tasting experiences, it is important to pair them together well and not second guess!

Rosé Champagne can also pair with savoury desserts and this of course means cheese! Creamier style soft cheese is better with Rosé Champagne, mostly those which are not overly strong / smelly! Such creamy cheese allows the Champagne to work well in cleansing the palate and to deliver clear red berry fruit flavours amongst a silky texture.


Vanilla Cheese Cake Dessert

Vanilla Cheesecake Dessert


Let us test a Rosé Champagne alongside a dessert – Champagne André de Villeneuve Grand Cru Rosé Brut Reserve paired with homemade vanilla cheesecake:

The silky and rich flavours from the cheesecake when meeting the refreshing and acidic Champagne instantly cleanses the palate and allows raspberry flavours to shoot through. The mid-palate is a combination of red fruits and a silky vanilla presence with an increasing shortbread character in the length. You are able to fully enjoy both the dessert and the Champagne with this combination.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.