The Rise of Prosecco

14th April 2015

the rise of prosecco

Prosecco is becoming more and more popular and there is definitely a new trend for enjoying Prosecco as an everyday drink rather than enjoying it only on special occasions.

Recent market research has shown that shoppers in Britain spent more on Prosecco than Champagne for the first time last year with £181.8million spent on Prosecco, compared to £141.3million on Champagne.

The volume of Prosecco sold doubled to 28m bottles, more than the 17.3m bottles of Cava and 8.7m of Champagne put together.

The average price of a bottle of Prosecco is £6.49 compared to the average price of a bottle of Champagne at £16.23.

Asda reported sales of Prosecco are 41% more this year, compared to the same period last year. Over Easter, shoppers bought more than 700,000 bottles.

Market research by Kantar.

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