The Romance of Valentines Day with two great deep Rosé Sparklers

11th February 2019


We all love Valentines day and I am sure many readers will have once received that anonymously sent card from a secret admirer, set up a romantic evening for that special partner to let them know they are still the one for you and those who are still a bit too young and planning ahead, I thought I’d look at a couple of special sparkling wines that really fit the theme.

Since 496 we have had Valentines Day in our calendars (originated from a Roman festival) and in recent years a popular way to celebrate this romance themed occasion is with a card or two (over 1 billion St Valentine’s Day cards are likely to be sent) and a bottle of bubbly. Many of course will think about some Champagne so for this article I have picked out what I feel the most appropriate bottle to go for along with an English sparkling wine of very similar appearance and certainly standing shoulder to shoulder.

We decided to put together an easy to prepare a dish for Valentines day, pasta Carbonara and paired it with each of the wines. Easy to make and prepare with simple ingredients and with a creamy sauce and not too over powering flavours the meal perfectly suits the wines allowing both the offer the palate their finer fruit flavours. So, let us take a look at the wines:

The best Champagne for Valentines Day:

Champagne Roger Brun ‘Romance’ Rosé de Saignée Vintage 2013 – ‘Raspberry, strawberry pastry and hints of creaminess on the nose. The deep rosé colour tempting you in to enjoy the wonderful flavours it offers. The ‘Romance’ is the perfect ‘Valentines Day’ Champagne giving soft red berry fruit flavours along with dry strawberry, light toast, dark red candy and more. A delight to share with someone special.

Paired with the pasta Carbonara – ‘The creamy sauce is initially overtaken by the red berry fruit flavours of the Champagne which soon is working its magic in the palate. The length gives you subtle pink grapefruit and bacon flavours. The dish enhances further the wines red berry fruit burst.

Available to purchase direct from producer: Prior booking required – 10 Rue Saint-Vincent, 51160 Ay, France (+33 3 26 55 45 50)

The Bolney Estate Eighteen Acre Rosé NV – ‘An English winery on the edge of the South Downs with a strong family history in producing fine wines and having a host of awards from within the industry. Here is a very attractive looking label and sparkling wine of deep rosé colour. What you expect in flavours is what you get in that the red berry aromas lead to fine summer berry fruits, dark cherries, hints of black pepper and more in the palate. A real re-freshening English sparkling wine with a glorious colour in the glass and most certainly a fine pairing for that romantic Valentine Day celebration.

Paired with the pasta Carbonara – ‘The dish is quite simple and creamy so the wine initially bursts in to life throwing out red current and strawberry flavours and quickly neutralises all to leave soft bacon hints in the length. A most pleasing combination allowing you to fully enjoy the special flavours Bolney Estate have magically crafted in to the wine.

Available to purchase directly from the Bolney Estate website and priced at just £23.99 a bottle. Visit their website here.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.