The Secret is out… Lanson Releases Clos Lanson 2006

26th April 2016

The Secret is out... Lanson Releases Clos Lanson 2006

The House of Lanson is proud to announce the limited release of one of its finest vintage Champagnes, the Clos Lanson 2006.

From its famous ‘Secret Garden’ in Reims, France, the Clos Lanson 2006 embodies all of the excellence of the renowned House of Lanson with its fruity flavour and freshness, enhanced by the extreme delicacy of specially selected Chardonnay grapes. After ageing for 9 years, the result is a refined, radiant, rich and elegant Champagne having benefited from controlled fermentation in oak wood barrels in the House of Lanson cellars.

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The Clos Lanson ‘secret garden’ is a unique plot of just one hectare, which dates back to the 18th-century and overlooks the Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral, where several coronations of the Kings of France have taken place. The equally famous ‘Smiling Angel’s’ watchful eye seems to have a beneficial effect on the vines, which includes the Clos Lanson beehives, so that even the bees can reap the benefits of its favourable conditions – the result: delicious Clos Lanson honey!

Made separately, and in order to carry out the Lanson tradition, the wines from Clos Lanson have rare and unique characteristics that have always appealed to (and have been the favourite of) the winemakers of the House of Lanson. Why? Because this ‘secret garden’ vineyard benefits greatly from the distinctive micro-climate and chalky soil and is treated with great care and attention just like a family run garden, due to its small size.

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Clos Lanson 2006 perfectly combines the character of Chardonnay with the classic style of the House of Lanson. Honouring the generations that gave the House its name. Its juices come from the first pressing, vinified for several months in oak barrels; and has all the attributes of a very fine chardonnay.

Clos Lanson 2006 is an exceptional vintage Champagne, with concentrated fruit flavours, combined with toasted, biscuity notes. The finish remains fresh, with an impressive length of flavour reflecting the noble origins of the grape. Its complexity will be a delight to the connoisseur’s palate.

Paul Beavis, Champagne Lanson, Managing Director, UK & International adds: “What makes the Clos Lanson 2006 exceptional is the fact that it has all the prerequisite hallmarks of what makes the House of Lanson unique, trusted and respected worldwide. We are thrilled to have the Clos Lanson 2006 added to our multi-award-winning portfolio. It is a rather special aperitif cuvée.”

There are only 7,870 bottles of this limited edition vintage Champagne available.


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