The State of European Sparkling Wine Exports in 2022

6th June 2023


At (pronounced exactly like “insights”) – among other things – we closely monitor the global wine trade, on a monthly basis. Together with we’ll be bringing you regular updates, on the evolution and details of Sparkling wine exports across the globe. Our inaugural article, on the subject, focuses on the performance of European Sparkling Wines exports in 2022.

The Top 10 Wine Producing Countries in Europe Exports Overview

According to OIV data, the top 10 Wine producing countries in Europe are France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria

These 10 countries combined, exported over 6.7 million tons of wine, worth over 25.6 billion Euros in 2022. The total value of exports grew by 8.7%, but the total quantity decreased by 4.7% compared to 2021.

European Sparkling Wine Exports – a continuous growth story

Sparkling wine exports, from the top 10 EU wine producing countries, in 2022, reached 7.4 billion Euros (29% of total value) & 1 million tons of wine (15% of total quantity). Both metrics have been steadily increasing over the last decade, with the exception of 2020 – COVID related – overall decline across all wine exports.

Sparkling Wine led the product categories, in growth, with an increase of 17.7% in value & 5% in quantity. Sparkling wine was the only category to grow in quantity in 2022!

The Sparkling Wine Exports Ecosystem Geography

The sparkling wine exports are dominated by France, Italy and Spain – with 98% of total sparkling wine exported value, emanating from these countries!

Exports to the Top-10 destinations, for European Sparkling wines, account for 69% of the total exported value. All these destinations exhibited growth, in terms of total value, in 2022 vs 2021, as showcased in the following diagram:

Detailed data, for each of the top 10 European Wine Producers, including in-depth analysis of product categories and top export destinations, are included in the “Wine Exports Report – EU Top 10 Wine Producers 2022” from OENsights – For more information visit: The state of EU wine exports – 2022

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