The Surprising Similarities Between Cocktails and Education

10th February 2020

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Back in the early 19th century, a strange disease claimed thousands of lives before its origin and causes were eventually discovered. As the migrants started settling into the American Midwest around this time, people began dying of an illness that seemed to be rooted in a kind of poisoning. In fact, back in 1818, the mother of the 16th President — Abraham Lincoln — of the United States also died from this mysterious disease.

It is so-called milk sickness manifested itself through vomiting, acute intestinal pain, and trembling. Doctors eventually discovered that those afflicted with the disease had drunk milk or eaten the meat of cows whose diet consisted of the white snakeroot plant. Ideally, a meadow punctuated by beautiful white flowers is not a cause for alarm.

However, for the early residents of this part of America, these fields were a source of the poison called tremetol. It was quite surprising to think that lush countrysides could have so much in common with a rising human death toll in the same area.

As in the analogy above, numerous things have striking similarities despite them being vastly different from each other. Cocktails and education present such a problem. As a student, you have probably never thought that these two things could be related. This article delves into what factors make the two things correlate.

The Definition: Cocktails and Education

Before we can get into the incredible similarities between cocktails and education, their definitions should come first. Education is described as how learning is facilitated. It includes gaining knowledge, habits, beliefs, skills, and values. These attributes are spread through training, discussions, research, teaching, oral traditions, and assignments such as essay writing.

Cocktails are alcoholic drinks that are created through the combination of various ingredients. Spirits, fruit juice, cream, or syrup can constitute these ingenious drinks. The proportions of the individual elements of the final product must be measured accurately to create the desired beverage.

Sure, it may seem like alcohol, and the learning process is miles apart. The former is often considered an inhibitor of the later. Yet, parallels exist!

They Are Both Made Up of Mixtures of Particular Ingredients

From the definitions above, it is easy to see the first likeness between the two — they are both achieved through mixing specific ingredients. When you search the Internet for types of cocktails, you will find many examples of the drink that have been certified by the International Bartenders Association.

These kinds are typically grouped in terms of the ingredients that go into them. For instance, you can find ones that are based on sparkling wine, vodka, whiskey and other spirits. On the other hand, some are classified according to the mixer that was used to create them. Still, you can develop your own signature drink by combining various ingredients according to your taste buds and alcoholic preferences.

Similarly, education is made up of numerous facets that all contribute to the spreading of knowledge and skills. For example, if you are eying a lucrative career in business, you need to acquire various values aside from comprehension of the syllabus. You need to show creativity and a knack for solving puzzles if you want to excel.

Getting the Right Quantity Matters in Both
The brilliance of cocktails stems from how the individual ingredients come together to create palatable taste in those who drink it. However, getting these proportions right is the backbone of the art of mixing such drinks. Likewise, education requires moderation of all the aspects involved. Of course, we have all heard of the adage that talks about Jack becoming a dull boy.

So, in school, you need to find a balance between the subjects you are taking and any other extra-curricular activities you are engaging in. Otherwise, it would be challenging to develop into an all-round student.

It Is All a Matter of Taste and Preferences

Any adult who has had a cocktail before can attest to the fact that they might have found a favorite one that they always order when they are in a bar. Your preferences are dependent on what your taste buds like. Similarly, the life of a student is described as a steady climb towards eventually specializing in a specific field that you are interested in. Again, this choice is contingent on the students’ skills and interests.

Cocktails and education seem worlds apart in anyone’s mind. Nevertheless, the three similarities above clearly show that the two can find common ground. It would be best if you did not attempt to mix the two as it may have adverse effects, such as not remembering anything you studied when you were busy drinking and learning.

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