The Ultimate Guide for Storing Sparkling Wine

27th November 2018


Popping the cork is a thing that can turn your normal occasion into a special one, and even add glam to an ordinary brunch. That’s why you need to have at least one bottle ready for enjoyment. Finding out that your favorite bottle of wine is spoiled right before a special event can be a party breaker. When it comes to storing, there are some specific rules that must be obtained so the wine stays in perfect condition.

An unopened bottle can last for a long time, and the minimum is three years. However, keep in mind that this mainly depends on the surrounding conditions of the place where you store it in. The most ideal place for a bottle of sparkling wine is dark, cool, and slightly humid, which makes your basement the perfect place for storage. Avoid storing on a place that has direct sunlight, and is exposed to heat. This will shorten the life of your sparkling wine, and have an impact on the taste and fizz.

Champagne has more specific requirements, due to its delicate nature. Do not store it in the fridge for longer than a few days before you open it. The fridge has the ability to dry things out. If the cork dries, it will release the carbonation and change the flavor of the drink. You wouldn’t want that to happen with your favorite bottle, so make sure that you keep it out. Place the bottle in the fridge only if you plan to drink it within the next few days. Remember to always keep it on the side, as this way the cork will be kept moist.

On the other hand, sparkling wine can withstand in the fridge for a longer time. Also, it needs to be stored upright, so the cork will not get too moisty. This can result in spoiling the wine and making it too fizzy. For your Tempe Private Events, cool the wine using a bucket filled with ice water.

How long can a bottle last once it is open? On average, you can enjoy the taste for 3-5 days after opening. Getting the cork back on as soon as possible will help you preserve the wine for longer and keep it from spoiling. If you don’t manage to finish the wine freezing is not an option, as the fizziness will not remain.

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