The Ultimate Pairings for Lobster

14th May 2020

Lobster salad with a splash of lemon

The ‘King’ of the shellfish is the Lobster. Despite its fancy undertones, Lobster is very popular, particularly Maine Lobster tails. We all know the taste of alcohol can improve a meal (and potentially make worse), so let’s skip right to it.

What should you pair Lobster tails with?

Pair Lobster with Champagne. If you’re not a fan of champagne, it also tastes great with sparkling wine. We recommend you choose a fruity glass of bubbly or wine as it complements the sweetness of Lobster. The best thing about Lobster is you can freeze your leftovers and guess what? It’ll still taste great.

We have seen people recommend beer with Lobster and this may taste just fine for some. But we are all about making the most of your food with exactly the right pairing.

And what about food for something simple yet delicious? Creamy butter melts fabulously over Lobster. Add some spices like tarragon and other herbs and you’re good to go!

Certain vegetables also go fabulously well with Lobster. Try crispy asparagus, steamed baby artichoke, or even a light salad with freshly squeezed lemon and black pepper.

You may be tempted to add potato, perhaps a jacket potato. This works well with Maine Lobster tails, but it can be a little too heavy to pair with Lobster.

Our final tip is to make sure you cook the Lobster just right. Champagne will truly make your Lobster dish tastes amazing, yet you can make sure it is pure heaven by cooking it right. We recommend using a stove and pan, instead of grilling it. Bring your pan to scorching hot, bubbling boiling water. Do not place the Lobster in there until it is fiercely boiling. Add 5 tablespoons of sea salt if you are cooking one whole Large Lobster.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to Lobster pairings. Whether it is champagne you choose or sparkling white wine, we are confident you will love all of the above. Enjoy!

Check out this infographic below for more brilliant ideas on pairing lobster with wines:



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