The Ultimate Prosecco Proposal Guide

9th September 2022

Proposal Prosecco

Let’s prepare for one of the most important and exciting days of your life, whether you want to keep it close to the heart with something intimate and personal or whether you want to make it a big public affair that many will remember forever, whatever you decide, I highly recommend having a bottle of Prosecco or Sparkling Wine on chill to pop open and toast the next step of your wonderful life together.

In this article, we’ll make sure you have everything covered for when you propose, give you some wonderful Prosecco suggestions and even tell you about some of the most magical places that you can purpose.

Proposal Check List

  • Make Sure You’re Both In Love & That They Are The One.
  • Have A Very Nice Ring (Personally Bought or Family Heirloom)
  • Pick A Memorable Location (First Place You Met or A Beautiful Place)
  • Make Sure The Mood Is Correct (Romantic & Happy)
  • Ensure The Stage Is Set If You’re Organising A Flash Mob or Band.
  • Set a Time If It’s Important To You (Sunset, Moonlight, etc)
  • Make Sure You Know What You Want To Say (Write It Down Before, Have Important Points In Mind or Try Speaking From The Heart In The Moment)
  • Ask The Question (Get Down on One Knee or Try Something Different, Say Their Name, Full Name or Cute Nickname)
  • After They’ve Said Yes, What Will You Both Do? (This Depends on Where You Are (Back to Bedroom, Ski, Swim, Romantic Walk, Dinner, Be Congratulated by Friends/Family, Enjoy a Glass of Bubbly)
  • Try and Keep The Moment Alive For As Long As Possible By Doing Something Exciting As a Newly Engaged Couple.

The Best Prosecco To Share

  • Villa Sandi – Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut Millesimato 2020 – Trophy Summers Day

Villa Sandi produces what seems to be like an endless supply of Prosecco, but without ever compromising on quality, no matter what bottle you decide to pick up, especially including their outstanding Trophy Winning Rosé Prosseco, you will get an enjoyable experience,

  • Bisol 1542 – Jeio Organic Brut Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG – Trophy Spring Fling

Bisol has been around since 1542, 5 centuries and they have had 21 generations working on creating great tasting wine, the only time Bisol was interrupted was during the First World War, the Valdobbiadene territory (where Bisol is located) stood right on the battle lines between the Austrian-Hungarian forces and their opponents, the Italians, but in 1920 they were back on track and once again pushing the boundaries and bringing people’s taste buds forward into the future.

  • Montelvini – Serenitatis Asolo Prosecco Superiore Extra Brut Millesimato 2020 – Gold Spring Fling

Montelvini has been around for 135 years, owned by the Serena family, the current owner, Armando Serena has been President of Montelvini since 1968, located in a small region in Montello in Italy, the Serena family has dedicated themselves to producing wine with skill and passion.

  • Giusti Wine – Prosecco DOC Rosalia Rosé Millesimato 2020 Extra Dry – Gold First Date

The Giusti family’s passion for wine dates back to the 1600s, the journey started when they bought a two-hectare property where Giusti Wine was soon to be established. Giusti Wine came from the original Dal Col vineyard which dated back to 1945, the full name of the company is Società Agricola Giusti-Dal Col srl, Giusti Wine planted their first vineyard in 2002 and grow rapidly with them now having approximately 75 hectares.

  • Le Rughe – Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut Millesimato 2020 – Gold Summers Day

Le Rughe is a company with three hearts, one in the mountains, in via Cor, which means heart in Latin, one in the hills of the DOCG Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene and one in the plain surrounding Gaiarine, in the province of Treviso, which has been the location of their headquarters since the 1960s. They produce around 300,000 bottles in a year, with 30 hectares of estate-owned vineyards and 25 shops to help share their Prosecco’s with the wonderful people of Italy and the world.

  • Bottega – Pink Gold Prosecco Rosè DOC – Gold Summers Day

Bottega stands strong with over four centuries of history in the world of wine, beginning in 1635, their wines are exported to more than 140 countries, and since 2017, Bottega Gold is the second best-selling sparkling wine in travel retail.

Perfect Locations

Paris – The city of love should always get a mention in any romantic locations lists, the Eiffel Tower serves as a central point of romance in France, with many different surroundings which can deliver an intimate and beautiful feeling that would be perfect for a proposal. The Eiffel Tower can be in the background of your proposal, or you could venture up to the viewing deck or even book a table at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant overlooking the city.

Of course, Paris is not the beginning and end-all of romantic locations, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Florence, London, Athens, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, Bangkok, New York, California, Florida, Tokyo and many more beautiful cities are available to explore.

Greece – There is an island owned by Greece that displays the picture-perfect, fantasy version of Greece we all wish to see, it explodes with clear charming colour, on the side of a hill on the island of Santorini sits a town called Imerovigli, in this wonderful place, you’ll see clear white buildings with a perfect amount of dark blue, there are a perfect amount of swimming pools and cute little restaurant overlooking this perfectly clear blue sea view, creating a number of different unique places to purpose.

If you’re interested, Mamma Mia was filmed on a Greek Island called Skopelos. which would be the perfect location to propose for any Mamma Mia fan.

Also to note, there are many more places that look just as beautiful as this Greek island of Santorini, with their wonderful colourful buildings and perfect surroundings, if you want to discover more of them, then take a look in Spain, Italy, Croatia and there’s even some more in Greece.

Iceland/Sweden/Norway/Greenland/Canada – The Northan Lights is one of the universe’s natural phenomena, that, if you can, you should definitely try to see with your own eyes, planning a trip out to one of the countries which showcase the Northern Lights could be the perfect opportunity to propose, if you hire out a cabin in the snow, you can spend a lovely romantic and intimate week enjoying nature and each other. Standing outside while looking up at the Northern Lights enjoying this truly incredible experience, you turn to face her and drop to one knee showcasing the ring and speaking from the heart, delivering an unforgettable moment for both of you.

Bora Bora – A tropical paradise of an island located in French Polynesia, if you wanted a place with sun, sea, sand and sex, then the island of Bora Bora is the perfect location, you can plan an entire week of relaxation and enjoyment with your loved one, either leading up to the proposal or to enjoy right after you’ve popped the question. You get to sleep in your own private house on the water, swim with the local fish, enjoy the crystal clear blue water, sunbathe on the shinning smooth sand, explore the island and discover its history.

Extra Ideas – At the end of the day, the location has to mean something to both of you, so whether you love snowy ski mountains, luxurious beach resorts, a Safari, the Orient Express, Cruise Ships, Hot Air Ballons or a history filled Castle, narrow it down to the places you enjoy most and do a little bit of research on the best places to stay and the most enjoyable things to do, from there, I know you’ll be just fine.

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