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27th June 2023

Prosecco World

Prosecco is fun, it is easy, it is fresh and fruity… Have we grabbed your attention? Bubbles / bubbly / fizz / sparkling wine are all winners when it comes to what we associate with our more pleasurable moments in life, doesn’t a smile formulate and anticipation rise when we remove the foil, open the cage and twist then finalise things with that popping of the cork?

Did you know that if you are a big fan of Prosecco that you can also enjoy the most amazing holiday / short weekend break to the actual wine region in Italy? The closest airport to the Prosecco vineyards is Venice Marco Polo, and there are direct flights from London City (British Airways), London Gatwick (British Airways, Easyjet and Monarch), London Heathrow (British Airways), London Luton (Easyjet), London Southend (Easyjet), Birmingham (Monarch), Bristol (Easyjet), Edinburgh (Jet 2 and Easyjet), Leeds Bradford (Jet 2), Manchester (Jet 2, Monarch and Easyjet) and Dublin (Aer Lingus). (source: Grape Escapes)

Prosecco Region

Prosecco Region

Who shares the love of Prosecco and where can you experience some of the finest flavours in your glass from this world famous wine region? Many supermarkets will have at least one Prosecco on offer at any one time and a long list of labels to choose from – Most times it is one of the cheapest sparkling wine options, though this does not mean that quality from the region is regarded as ‘cheap’. You can easily pay more than you would for a bottle of Champagne for there are a range Prosecco quality levels to discover where the finest examples are made from all hand picked grapes on the steeper hills of the ‘superiore’ regions namely classified as DOCG.

If you are looking to experience the enhanced qualities from the Prosecco region then you are likely to be best rewarded by choosing an independent wine merchant on the high street or one of the online wine specialists and ideally one which focuses on Italian wine or even better, just Prosecco!

Kristyna Corso

Kristyna Corso – Founder of Prosecco World


Kristyna Corso, Founder of Prosecco World, declares her preference for the Prosecco label of Le Manzane which is what initially took her on the journey of finer tasting Proseccos, so I thought I would experience the aromas and flavours myself. Though I have been to this wonderful wine region over a dozen times now and visited many wineries, despite being the top reviewer for Prosecco on Vivino and being a somewhat Prosecco fan myself, this label is altogether new to me so I am excited to share my tasting notes with you:

Le Manzane 20.10 Conegliano Valdobbiadene Brut (2021): “All new to me this label, thanks to #ProseccoWorld for the introduction Plenty of green pear, white floral on the nose. Clean style, fresh in the palate with again green pears, pear blossom, green apple skin.Vivino

Le Manzane 20.10 Conegliano Valdobbiadene Extra Dry (2021): “Second label I’ve had from this winery and again very happy with the quality. A fruity aroma, natural and clean character with mostly green fruits, honeysuckle, yellow pear flesh. Flavours are full of fruity character with a silky white floral edge. Crisp and mouth-watering with a subtle saline close.Vivino

Lastly, let’s get to know Kristyna a bit more by some quick Q&A’s:

Q: What makes for a great Prosecco? Is it the story behind the wine or the quality inside the bottle?

It is the perfect blend of a strong family tradition, enhanced with a modern and innovative approach, and the unwavering commitment to quality inside the bottle. When these elements come together, the result is a Prosecco that is not only a delicious and refreshing beverage, but also a testament to the passion and dedication of the families who create it.

Q: Prosecco is fun, it is easy, it is fresh and fruity and… What does Prosecco mean to you?

When most people think of Prosecco, they often associate it with celebrations and special occasions. However, for me, Prosecco holds a different meaning. Having lived in Italy, I have come to appreciate good quality Prosecco as an integral part of my daily life, much like the Italians do. It is not just a drink reserved for festivities, but rather an everyday glass of happiness.


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.