The World’s Best Rosé Sparkling Wine for 2022

14th July 2022

50 shades of Rosé judges 2022

The thing I love most about wine is how it can surprise you. This not only refers to the aromas and flavours, but also the wonderful stories that lay behind the labels and wineries even before we consider the touristic delights of where they are grown. I am sure most of us will have experienced a red, white and rosé still wine along with a rosé and white sparkler – Less frequent is anyone having experienced a red sparkling wine! Now I hope you are still with me when I say that there is something a little bit extra special when it comes to rosé sparkling wines?

Rosé sparkling wines, more so now considering that Prosecco has entered the scene, is an exciting sector of the world of wine. Usually, it holds that bit more intrigue / excitement / sexiness  and not forgetting also price, this is because of demand (of course) though also that it is more a labour intensive product than a non-rosé.

Reports show that only 15 years ago rosé (Champagne) accounted for just 3% of annual (Champagne) production whereas today we see it approaching 15% – Nearly every Champagne producer will have a rosé label in their portfolio.

As a tribute, a very current and ongoing one that is, to rosé sparkling wines we at Glass of Bubbly launched the 50 Shades of Rosé Awards that take place each year with the quest to discover the world’s best rosé sparkling wine – a blind competition format with a selection of respected wine judges who decide which label takes home the prestigious title of ‘The World’s Finest Rosé Sparkling Wine’. Each year a wide selection of rosé sparkling wines enter from English to Japanese with Argentina, Slovenia and South Africa in between plus many more. Variety is what makes the scoring process most demanding though ultimately the judges are looking for the best expression (and experience) of a rosé sparkling wine.

This year we were joined by judges Patricia Stefanowicz MW along with Abbie Bennington DipWSET, Hannah Aldgate DipWSET and Oliver Walkey. 49 rosé sparkling wines were scored with the following top three results with some of the judge’s thoughts:


1st Place – World’s Best Rosé Sparkling Wine for 2022 – Karlovcek Rosé

“Pale pink, lively fresh raspberry, floral, white cherry, apricot, elegant, attractive red fruits with herbal and floral lift, light body, well-defined, nicely balanced, a great example of a rosé.”

2nd Place – Misal Rosé

“Quite deep copper orange-pink, crushed dried rose petals, dried fruits, roasted nuts, well-defined, absolutely ready now, fruitcake on the finish.”

3rd Place – Deseado Rosé Familia Schroeder

“Dusty rose, watermelon, orchard fruits, peaches, raspberry, red cherries, spun sugar and sweet floral. It’s like an Eton Mess in a glass!”

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.