There’s More to Prosecco Than Just a Cheap Bubbly!

2nd November 2016


Prosecco is a very important drink to Italians, maybe even more so than espresso. Prosecco is after all the main ingredient in the Aperol Spritz and the Bellini, both widely enjoyed as an apéritif. Prosecco is light and refreshing and can be enjoyed throughout meals and is suitable for any occasion or celebration.

We’ve all seen the incredible increase in popularity of Prosecco especially here in the UK and with its attractive price point, it is indeed now seen as an everyday choice of drink for many.

To be classified as Prosecco, it must come from a particular area in north-eastern Italy, spanning the Veneto and Friuli regions. The primary grape used to produce Prosecco is Glera. It is a softer bubbly with simple fruit flavours and a touch of sweetness. If you’re looking to explore Prosecco as more than just a cheap drink to enjoy, discover superior Prosecco with:

D.O.C.G. which means it is produced exclusively in the hills of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene zone.

‘Rive’ indicates, in the local way of speaking, the slopes of the steep hills that are characteristic of the zone. This category of wine highlights the diverse expressions of Conegliano Valdobbiadene. Rive wines are often obtained from the most precipitous, high-quality vineyards, from grapes grown in a single commune or area.

Cartizze comes from a sub-zone that has had its own specific regulations since 1969. It covers just 107 hectares of vineyards, in the shape of a pentagon, lying amidst the steepest hillsides of San Pietro di Barbozza, Santo Stefano and Saccol, in the commune of Valdobbiadene.

Its colour is a straw yellow, with brilliant highlights that vary from pastel shades to golden tones. The nose is characterized by very complex scents that recall apples and pears, citrus fruits, rich aromas of peaches and apricots and hints of roses, along with a note of almonds in the aftertaste. Its flavour is well-balanced and elegant, with very fresh, mellow fruit underpinned by delicate, fine bubbles.

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