There’s Something Special about Champagne!

12th July 2017


Listed as a World Heritage site by Unesco, Champagne has a fascinating history and is highly recommended as a place to visit.

The city of Epernay is situated in the heart of 30,000 hectares of vineyards in the French wine region ‘Champagne-Ardenne’. Epernay is the historic centre and heart of the Champagne region.

Take a walk along the Avenue de Champagne, the main street in Epernay, here you’ll find the avenue lined with grand mansions of numerous Champagne houses, including Moët & Chandon (which has the famous statue of Dom Pérignon outside), Boizel and Champagne de Venoge.

The Avenue de Champagne is one of the most expensive streets in the entire world, not for the stunning buildings above the ground, but for what is underneath this famous street, the millions of bottles of Champagne, more than 200 million bottles are stored here in a network of over 100km of cellars.

No walk along the Avenue would be complete without stopping off for a tour and enjoying a glass of Champagne while on this most famous street. Here can help, you can choose a house or two to visit for a tour and tasting and book for free online and pay when you arrive.

Of course, there’s much more to Champagne than just one street, the Champagne region covers a large area.

Lovers of authenticity and fine bubbles will appreciate the Aube and its Champagne Route through the Côte des Bar. This region is devoted to wine growing with its picturesque villages, remarkable vineyards, vaulted cellars and typical ‘cadoles’ (vineyard huts with mortared walls); you will discover a unique region full of passion. In the care of enthusiastic and passionate wine growers, you will be initiated into the secrets of Champagne and taste remarkable vintages. Full-bodied or smooth, delicate or complex, you will learn to appreciate Champagne and how Champagne is produced.

Champagne-Booking just adores Champagne and wants to share its passion for the Champagne wines and the beautiful surroundings of the Champagne region of France with the whole wide world!

You can discover, book and enjoy your Tour and/or Tasting with a wide selection of Champagne Houses throughout the region with Free booking and Pay upon arrival!

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