Things to do and where to stay if travelling to Corfu island this vacation

30th November 2018


While voyagers recognize Greece for its wine, particularly Santorini for its Assyritiko wine, there’s one more island offering an entirely different drink experience. In fact, it offers two. On the beautiful Corfu, habitat to attractions like Sisi’s Palace, Mount Pantokrator and Paleokastritsa Beach, those who desire to enjoy the local culture need to relish the flavors of the Champagne, local Ginger Beer or Kumquat Smash Cocktail. Travelers can book one of luxury Corfu Rentals to take a ship of these local drinks and wines, as such suits offer these exclusive drinks with their packages.

With starting of vacations people start looking for a great place to travel. Although, there are so many beautiful destinations in world which you can plan but if you are a adventurous person and so is your family then you must plan to visit Corfu island and hire Corfu rentals , located in the heart of Greece. There are so many things to do in Corfu, but what will steal your heart is Corfu rentals they are simply breathtaking as they offer best scenic view. Corfu is not only studded with historian monuments but also offer Byzantine churches, remains of Greek temples and Venetian fortresses as well as whitewashed houses.

Corfu is the most beautiful and important Greek island and in fact, the greenest island with well developed network and dense vegetation. This island is having a long history and for last 3000 years is notable in the culture of Greece. Not only this, it has been inhabited since Paleolithic era and then by Phaeacians and it is even mentioned in the Odyssey. Ever wandered ancient streets, then it is the time to do this and for DIY salon and spa experience, make yourself ready for mineral mud on the shore of Canal D Amour.

Corfu rental apartments and resorts are something that will make your vacation more memorable and special. These rental properties are located near or at the most eye-catching places in Corfu island. Not only this, the services that you will enjoy here will definitely make your trip worth investing in. There are innumerable options to choose among and some of the newly constructed rentals can get your view of the nearby mountains and beaches from where you can also enjoy the most mesmerizing sunset and sunrise. Along with this, most of the luxury rentals are in fact equipped with the best and modern technology and some even offer accommodations for a dozen of family members and friends.

Corfu do not only offer simple rental properties, but can also provide the most luxurious villas, resorts, ski resorts, beachfront villas, honeymoon villas, cabins, city breaks, large villas and much more. The services at these rental properties are something that will blow off your mind. From the infinity pool to coffee making machine and from the PlayStation to satellite television, you will enjoy almost all the facilities. Along with this, you can even cook meals of your choice as most of the rentals also offer a fully equipped kitchen with all necessary things. Along with basic indoor amenities, some outdoor features of Corfu island rentals include barbeque, terrace, outdoor parking, swimming pool, security cameras, trees, garden, alfresco shower, sun lounger, garage and much more.

Corfu is one of the few Greek islands where the climate remains dry and hot with mild summers and the winters are much milder with little wetness. And if you are lucky enough then you can even get a chance to enjoy snowfall, though it snows rarely, but when only snows on top of Mount Pantokrator happens. While on the rest of the island Corfiots see snow only 3 or 4 times in their lifeline with July being the hottest and January being the coldest month in the year. During other months the temperature varies in between accordingly.

Being one of the highly visited islands in Greece, Corfu can offer you some of the best and most popular restaurants and other places to eat and drink. Most of the cosmopolitan bars and restaurants you will find in Corfu Town and especially in the old town. There you find elegant restaurants serving traditional and local dishes like Pastitsada and Sofrito. You will find these local dishes all over the islands easily and what better way than to enjoy with a glass of Champagne. There are wide restaurants range in Corfu’s Lolian island where you can enjoy expensive Chinese and Italians venue to local taverns at a pretty good price. Most of the restaurants in Corfu are located near the tourist places like Sidari, Acharavi, Gouvia, AgiosGordis, Dassia and many more. The Corfu cuisine is much different from Greek cuisine as it is influenced by the Venetians who use to reside on the island in past time.

Along with considering the climate, restaurants and famous places to visit with you must invest good time in choosing a good rental property. In this, your luck will play an important role because if you are lucky enough then you will get a lavish and most luxurious villa at a much affordable price. While on other hand, if you are not, then you need to spend $2000 to $4000 per night stay for these luxurious condos, villas or resorts. From 4 bedroom villa to 8 bedroom villa with plenty of options available, choosing anyone can be daunting as well as puzzling. But, whatever you are going to choose to look for reservations before you go as it can help you in getting huge discounts and you never know what you will get.

A number of historical places are there in and near Corfu island which cannot afford to miss at all. One of them is Achillion Palace, which was built for Elizabeth in 1890 for Austria empress. It was used to serve as a summer retreat. Old fortress is another place to visit which is basically a castle standing next to Liston and Spianada square, there is in fact a lighthouse on its top offering a great view. Some other places to move around are Museum of Asian Art, New Fortress, Archaeological Museum, Aqualand, Saint Spyridon, Lefkimi, Pelekas and much more.

So, no matter whether you are visiting Corfu island for ba usiness meeting or family time summers are indeed bthe est time to visit

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