Three Choirs Vineyard

27th February 2014

The Three Choirs Vineyards estate is one of the largest in England at 75 acres.

Three Choirs Vineyard is also one of the oldest – the first vines were planted here in 1973. The first vintage produced in 1976.

Nestled in Newent, near Gloucester and deep in the Cotswolds, the rolling hills and valleys provide a unique microclimate which is perfect for growing grapes ideal for producing great english wine.

The attraction of English wine is its delicate, fine, clean fruit flavours, and every effort is made in the winery to maximise these qualities, throughout the operation.

We select varieties that we know will grow well and give grapes of the highest possible quality.

Good grapes can make good wine. We therefore make every effort to ensure grapes arrive at the winery as quickly as possible after picking, in the best possible condition. Hand picking by trained pickers helps to minimise the amount of stalks and rot that accompanies the grapes, and this means that cleaner, purer juice is achievable from the press.

Temperatures are kept as low as possible in order to preserve fruit. Cold stores are used to naturally clear and settle wines, and filtration is therefore kept to a minimum. This allows as much of the natural grape character through to the bottle as possible.


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