Time, Jazz and Tango

11th April 2023

Josipovic Sparkling Wines

Starting with the goal to not produce another copy of Champagne, but to stay true to themselves and produce something new and distinctive.

They accomplished their mission, with their Josipović Sparkling Wines displaying high quality, with the unique and recognizable characters that they were after, they have three Sparkling Wine labels on offer, with some amazing and easy-to-remember names, Time, Jazz and Tango.

Graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and graduated with a degree in sparkling wine production using the classical method, while the better half graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, majoring in finance.

They believed firmly in their passion for crafting Sparkling Wines in Croatia and were beyond elated to be able to work their passion as a professional career, but along the way, they met people who tried to convince them that what they were doing was wrong and that the production of sparkling wine in Slavonia was a complete failure because “no Champagnes of any kind were ever produced here”.

They were able to use these experiences to strengthen them, they altered their way of thinking “perhaps we should think outside the box and offer the market something new”. Through the whole process of their work and growth, they want people to trust themselves and their senses, to taste and say what they like or not – regardless of the name on the label.

They set themselves the goal of not producing another copy of Champagne, but to stay true to themselves and produce something new and recognizable.


Like Madonna says in her song Hung Up, ‘Time Goes By, So Slowly”, will time slow down when enjoying this bottle of Josipović Time Sparkling Wine, or will it speed up, you’ll be thrust into a joyous experience, speeding up the hands of the clock, slowing them down and rewinding them backwards, there’s no telling what will happen when you start drinking Time.

Time uses the Merlot Grape and presents it in a different way, it has a lovely striking ruby red colour, and has the great potential to be enjoyed alongside many different Christmas treats over the festive season, pairing wonderfully with Christmas Pudding and offering a delicious combination with a roast dinner, with Chicken or Turkey.

Vitis Vinogradarstvo i Vinarstvo – Josipović Time – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Red berry, raspberries, strawberries, mulled wine, sweet woody spices, earthy, and Christmassy on the aroma.”

Flavour – “A similar expression, sweet woody spices with red berries, cranberries, hints of blackberries as well on the palate, this tastes like a part of Christmas and would pair very nicely with some festive foods.”

Silver Medal Winner in the Spring Fling Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022


Sit back and relax to some smooth Jazz, originating from New Orleans, Louisiana in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the wonderful sounds of Jazz could easily be enjoyed while opening a bottle of Josipović’s Jazz Sparkling Wine.

Jazz combines the Grapes of Graševina and Rhine Riesling. They used these varieties because they are their traditionally domesticated varieties.

Aged on yeast for two years, using the traditional method, and is recommended to pair well with Chicken, Seafood, Risotto, Pasta along with some Desserts.

Vitis vinogradarstvo i vinarstvo – Josipović Jazz – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Yellow floral notes wrap up the aroma with added notes of flaky pastry, peaches, peach skin and natural apricot tart.”

Flavour – “Rounded yellow fruits, zesty yellow citrus, soft floral characters, with yellow floral, buttercups, white floral and even touching on some tropical fruits.”

Gold Medal Winner in the Spring Fling Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022


It’s time to Tango with destiny, a Rosé Sparkling Wine that offers a feeling of relaxation on the palate, delivering some truly unforgettable aromas and flavours.

Tango dances exclusively with the Pinot Gris Grape Variety, which gifts it its reddish/pink colour.

Vitis vinogradarstvo i vinarstvo – Josipović Tango – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Brussel sprouts, asparagus, signage, the vegetables of Christmas in a glass, with added flaky pastry and red berries coming through.”

Flavour – “Very smooth, soft, delicate and notes of sweetness, with well-cooked Brussel sprouts, asparagus, red berries, with notes of flaky pastry soaked in red berry juice and cranberries on the palate.” 

Gold Medal Winner in the Meditation Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

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