Tiramisu and Sparkling Wine Pairing

15th March 2022

Italian Tiramisu and Slovenian Sparkling Wine

Tiramisu is a fairly new dessert, created in Treviso, Veneto in Italy, around 1970 by Roberto Linguanotto.

His mission at the time was to prepare a dessert for his wife, the dessert he created was called Sbatutin, consisting of beaten egg yolk, sugar and wine, it can be served in a glass, making it look very fancy, his wife loved what he created, but wanted something more like an elegant cake and from that request, Roberto Linguanotto created the first Tiramisu.

The name Tiramisu means either ‘pick me up’ or ‘cheer me up’.

Lots of different restaurants wanted to claim the credit for inventing it, some would even create the exact same dessert but just rename it. Although we normally enjoy the dessert in the shape of a square/rectangle, when it was first made, it was a circular dessert.

Tiramisu is normally made from cocoa, mascarpone cheese, coffee, sugar egg and sometimes cookies or ladyfingers.

Vino Leber is located in Slovenia, right next to the Austrian border, The Leber Wine House is over 200 years old and is open to welcome wine lovers in their modern tasting room.

Vino Leber – Rizling Penina – Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “White fruit fresh, white floral, minerals, wet stones and zesty aromas.”

Flavour 👅 “Ripe apricot, peach, floral and zesty characters on the palate.”

This Slovenian Sparkling Wine Won a Silver Medal in the Zesty & Zingy Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

Italian Tiramisu and Slovenian Fizz – Pairing Notes

Pairing Notes – “A floral and citrus burst comes in and cleanses the palate initially, the tiramisu then comes back into play during the mid-palate until the end with it a little citrus touch on the palate.”

Information Credit: TiramisuProfessor Dave Explains

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