Top 5 Best Wine Dating Ideas

1st October 2021

Villa Sandi Picnic

Just as you can find a wine that pairs with anything, you can find a date that pairs with wine. We’ve developed five different activities to help bring you and your partner closer together while also sipping on a fine vintage. That way, after you find someone who shares your affinity for the beloved beverage, you can suggest one of these dates and develop your relationship!

1. Have a Sip and Chat Online
Chatting with a romantic interest is a stressful time, so a glass of wine can certainly make this process a little easier to bear. Do you know what else can help you get through the first date jitters? Having your first date online so you can chat with someone in a fun and flirty way with a little liquid courage in your other hand. You should check out some hookup reviews and then pick a site with the best features for someone like you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety of choices each site offers in terms of culture, location, age, and more. After you sign up for the most appealing website, you can start flirting the night away with wonderful matches. Let the wine flow, encourage your partner to have some too, and see where your interaction takes you!

2. Visit a Winery for a Tour
When you meet someone looking to spend more time with you in person, you may wish to integrate wine more directly into your dates. A great way to spend time with your match is to visit a winery and take a tour of the facility. A winery is where wine is produced, so it often encompasses warehouses, winemaking equipment, bottling facilities, and more. A tour in this area can give you a better idea of how your favorite bottle of wine is made.

3. Have a Picnic in a Vineyard
A vineyard is a place where wine grapes are grown, and it may or may not be attached to a full winery facility. Many vineyards have places where visitors can explore the growing area and even share a meal in the cozy farmlands. Dress for the weather and pack some food with your partner. You’ll love being surrounded by nature, your date, and great food. Best of all, you will often find that vineyards sell their brand of wine on-site.

4. Take a Class Together on Wine Tasting or Learning to Make It
Learning more about your favorite wine, such as the process to make it or how to properly taste it, is another great romantic idea. You will feel more sophisticated and educated every time you open a bottle and serve it. Bringing along a partner will help them get to know you as well as a facet of your interests, so this is a valuable way to help a fledgling relationship start off on the right foot.

5. Go to a Wine and Chocolate Tasting
Lastly, you should consider going to a wine and chocolate tasting. This simple date will have less pressure than a fancy date, and you will get to eat chocolate and taste wine. It’s not all candy these days, though. You can find wine and chocolate tastings that integrate ice cream, chocolate mousse, and pastries. What is better than wine, dessert, and love?

A date can be a very complex event, but it’s possible to make it more fun and appealing by working wine into your romantic events. Whether you meet someone special online or you meet them while picking out your favorite bottle of Moscato, you truly can get your relationship started right with a wine-based date.

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