Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Wine Tours

8th February 2019

Wine is the alcoholic beverage that stimulates every taste bud in your mouth and if your wine does so, your customers and Bacchus will enjoy a tour in your vineyard. It takes years of gathering skills and growing your vineyard as naturally as possible. If you do so, you may think of organizing some tours and promote your wine. You will need to attract some attention somehow about your wines. Below you will have some ways to promote your tours and especially your products.


First of all, people should know about your wine tour and what better way to do so than on social media? Be sure to use some tools for getting followers on Instagram like Upleap to get more followers and promote your company. Once you have the audience, then you can consider in making the offer for your wine tour. Always use some images to promote the tour as many people may go for the image rather than the written content.

Special offers

When you have made another type of wine or something very special, be sure to include an event in your calendar with that specialty. People like something new and wine tasters even more. You can go even further with the special offer like organizing a party for that wine type and some wine tasters will acknowledge that that wine goes well with a type of food, so a cool dish may be included. Also, advertise special events on the social media using bots for Instagram.

Invite business leaders to the tour

Every company should know that getting big customers is the key to a successful business. A tour is an open chance to get some contracts signed lately or even expand your business by getting some business partners. You can organize even a wine tasting for business leaders only so you can get a clear idea of their preferences.

All about the branding

Even if you own home business, branding your wine before selling is crucial. Nobody will want to hear “that wine”. If your vineyard is very large and you are producing lots of wine, the tour participants will want to take something home with them to remember the trip. So a couple of souvenirs and magnets will do just the trick.

Your bottles of wine and corks must be personalized in order to make your brand well-known.

Remember your regulars

If you have organized some wine tasting events and tours, some people will show up a couple of times or more and you should remember them and why not, repay them with a gift. This will show them your appreciation and even more, some of them will recommend you to others and so, your wine tours will gather momentum and propel you forward into the business.

To conclude all the above statements, organizing a cool wine tour with lots of gift and surprise events will make your wine so well-known that even Bacchus will join a tour in your vineyard.

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